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So, You Want to Write A Coursebook? Here’s Some Advice From The Best #ELTChat

Have you ever looked at a coursebook, and shook your head? I can write better than this. This coursebook has none of this and there are none of that, and by the way… 🙂 It’s OK to admit it. It … Continue reading

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Time To Teach Teens: Can We Go Outside?

Can we go outside? Time To Teach Teens I smiled when I heard the question. Despite the fact that only 2 out of our 7 previous classes were held in a classroom, the asking of the question indicated something to … Continue reading

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Are You In Your Element? #sirken

Are you in your element? Do you love what you do? Are you good at what you do? Do you do what you love? Does 5 minutes seem like an hour when you are doing what you do? Or does … Continue reading

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Resonant & Non-Resonant Networks: Facebook VS Linkedin #CCK11

In this post, I am contrasting my two social learning networks. A visual representation of my Linkedin network(s) is above. It was created by using Linkedin maps. http://inmaps.linkedinlabs.com/ Below we have my visual representation of my Facebook network(s). It was … Continue reading

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