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Native Speaker Required: Advice to a Native Speaker (#ELTChat)

Hi there! So you’re a Native Speaker, nice to meet you. As far as I know, the information given in the ad is accurate. The source is reputable. Still, the fact that you have “Googled” the school shows that you … Continue reading

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That Makes Sense To Me: Information and Connective Tissue (#CCK11)

Thomas Vander Wal’s presentation, Information and connective Tissue, was the first one I listened to in real-time, beginning 36 minutes into the presentation. Prior to that, I discovered that my Elluminate would not work. Afterwards, I discovered that it was … Continue reading

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A Past and A Future: A Connectivist Interviews Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz (#CCK11) (#ELTChat) (#sirken)

Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz, talking about A Past and A Future, a collection of sixteen short stories. This book is available in print at http://www.genremall.com/anthologiesr.htm#pastfuture Connectivism. A learning theory for a digital age. I store my knowledge in my friends. Me: … Continue reading

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Unity is Strength: A Connectivist Writing Lesson (#CCK11) (#ELTchat) (#sirken)

Unity is strength. I store my knowledge in my friends. What is connectivism? It’s a learning theory for a digital age, right? Is it only a theory, or can a teacher walk into a classroom, where there is no Facebook, … Continue reading

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