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Prezi (Credit: Prezi)

Breaking up after ten years is painful. It really hurts inside, down deep. I’m having pains in places that I never knew existed.

But, it’s not all bad. There is someone else. But let me save that for later.

My partner of the last ten years was permissive, let me do anything I wanted. Sometimes, I would have liked to know where the boundaries were. But anything I wanted, I could have.

What I really wanted was what you never gave me: excitement, exhiliration, the extraordinary – at least from time to time. But alas, I never got that from you. Only the dull, the routine, the common. How did I ever let ten years of my life go by, with you?

I know the answer to my own question. I guess I never wanted to admit it, but you were better than nothing. I needed something, anything but solitude, and you were good for that. I was never alone.

But things have changed now. I’ve got a new romance, and this time I think it’s gonna last.

You see, on my very first time, last month, I knew this was the real deal. You know what I mean?

My knees get weak, my heart races, my pulse gets to supersonic speeds, and I am only looking at my new romance!

Imagine when the action begins!

So, this is a hard day for me. You’ve been a good, safe relationship for me these past ten years.

Goodbye Power Point. It’s over between you and me. No more bored audiences, snoozing at your lack of creativity.

Prezi is my new love. Prezi thrills me, lets me take my presentations to new limits, undreamed of with you.

Power Point, it’s over between us, but we can still be friends. We shared so many conferences together, so many stages in so many places it was you and me, Power Point by Thomas Baker.

My first time with Prezi I saved, just to show the evidence to you Power Point, of me and my new love relationship with Prezi.

Power Point, don’t let the door hit you when you walk out the door…

Prezi, let’s show our friends my first time using Prezi. Oh, what a lovely, magical experience!

Click on the link that says, Prezi, and you will see my first Prezi!

Best regards,

Prezi: Listening – The Easiest Skill to Teach?

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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4 Responses to After Ten Years, We’re Breaking Up: A Sad Day #CCK11 #ELTchat #edchat #ukedchat #education #Obama #TESOL #IATEFL #elt #esl #efl #ell #lrnchat #elearning #edtech #technology #Teachers

  1. Prezi is how to achieve another level of consciousness … you’ll never go back.
    Wellcome to the brave new world! ;-))


  2. leahgrrl says:

    Love, love, love Prezi. I used it last year for a Business Writing class I taught and it was a huge help. This year I used it to create a presentation for my boss, and he was the hit of the corporate meeting. Looks great, Thomas!


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