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Birth of Venus (Credit: Sandro Botticelli) The Uffizi Museum in Florence, Italy (Google Art Project)

I just got treated to an amazing trip to Florence. Thanks to my amaaazing PLN. I was sitting here, and a message arrived from Mr. Karl Donert.

“Who is Karl?”, you ask.

Karl is a National Teaching Fellow, and President of EUROGEO in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Karl started the Linkedin PLN I belong to, called, “”

Anyway, he shared with his PLN. He thought he had something of interest for someone, although he had no way of knowing, that that someone, was me.

He shared the following information:

A great guide to Turkey in Google Earth | Google Earth Blog

Amazing things about Google Earth – news, features, tips, technology, and applications

OK, so how does that get me to Florence, Italy, if the link is for some place in Turkey?

Dear friend, the answer is found by checking the link out. I can tell you this much: you will get to Turky, but something inside you, some interest that lives within you, will also cause you to take a detour, leaving Turkey, and arriving at some distant destination, as I did.

Who would have thought I might be interested in taking a trip to the Uffizi Museum, in Florence, Italy?

As you know, my latest free E-book, “Looking for Catarina”, is set in Florence, Italy. One of the key scenes in the book takes place at the Uffizi Museum. I am almost certain that scene would have been a lot more vivid had I been able to take the trip that I took today, to research the exact location, in person, be on location, so to speak.

“What book?, you ask?”

“Looking for Catarina”. You can download it, no charge, free, from here. Just click the link that says, Looking For Catarina”.

Oh, Teacher of English, how can you use this with your students?

Be the first one to answer that question, and you will be an ELT superstar…

Best regards,

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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