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The Beatles - Let it Be (Credit: Google images)

Why do I blog? I never thought about it before this moment. It’s a great question for me. You see, I would describe myself as a blogger.

So, why am I blogging?

I think that at first, I just wanted a place on the internet that would serve me as a way of centralizing my digital footprint.

That means, that whatever you wanted to find out about me, and whatever I wanted you to know about me, could be found here, on this blog.

If it wasn’t here, one click would take you there.

I wanted to be proactive, and help you get information that you wanted, or that i felt you should have access to.

This was my idea of a win-win. You know what I mean, good for you, and good for me.

So, my WordPress blog, very creatively named, Profesorbaker’s Weblog, which got shortened to, Profesorbaker’s Blog, this is supposed to be the “Mothership” of my digital presence, or the container of my digital portfolio – my very own “Cloudship”.

Well, I achieved that goal a long time ago, and I’m stil blogging, consistently, every day. I mean, let me be honest, I’ve got to blog. I’ve got to write.

It seems to me that every time I write one story, from somewhere inside of me I make contact with another story.

For me, blogging is story-telling.

I’ve got ten years worth of stories inside me, things that have not been told to anyone, none save those who shared in the story itself with me.

John Dewey said, and I paraphrase, after he had the opportunity to watch a particularly charismatic teacher: “That is the reason why teachers need to be educated”.

Well, what was Dewey talking about, if all you needed was charisma to be a great teacher?

Dewey continued: “He hasn’t a clue as to why he is successful. When he dies, no one else can benefit from his knowledge. It’s gone to the grave.”

For Dewey, teachers needed to be professionals, with a body of knowledge about teaching and learning, that could be systematically and methodically passed on, from generation to generation, of teachers. In Dewey’s mind, this called for professionalism.

I feel that this blog enables me to meet Dewey’s call: to share my knowledge with my colleagues,my fellow teachers of English.

I find myself unable to continue in a single story line, but writing on the topic that “springs from someplace inside of me”. (my quotes)

I am sometimes surprised at what I’ve written, seeing my thoughts expressed on paper.

I do little editing, for I don’t want to change things, preferring to leave my thoughts in as pure form as possible for you, the reader, to engage with, to accept, to reject, to decline, to find comfort.

It’s yours – if it helps – don’t thank me – thank Dewey.

Connectivism has been the topic of many, many posts. I didn’t bother to count. I’m taking a course, a free course, my god let me repeat that – CCK11 is a free course – costs me only my time – of excellent quality or I would never have been as consistently a part of it if it were of poor quality.

One of the course participants, a new friend of mine from Sweden, also a teacher, Linn Gustavsson, called me the Alpha Dog of CCK11. I got a kick out of that. 🙂

In the USA we call the Alpha Dog the Top Dog. In a wolfpack, there’s one dog who eats first, who gets his pick of…oops – you follow me…

The metaphor I think is appropriate for one who is energetic, vigorous, enthusiastically involved in something. That’s how I am when I find something totally engaging me. My challenge of course, is to bring this same level of intensity to its fullest expression with my students.

I try, and on some days, I succeed, on others, not so much, but the effort is always there. Anyway, before CCK11 I knew absolutely no one in Sweden. Now I know Linn, and she is brilliant, a teacher any child would be lucky to have.

Here’s the part where I need to sum up, package all of this into one sentence. Here goes:

Why I blog:

1. I have stories to tell, which in turn generate new stories to tell

2. Dewey’s challenge to give teaching knowledge to the profession

3. Blogging lets me connect and interact with some truly incredible teachers from around the world

4. I learn more about my own teaching when I reflect in a written way, with my thoughts on paper, in raw form.

5. My blog acts as a central location for my digital E-Portfolio

Let me be clear: My blog also lets me present me, to market me, to place my contributions in the best possible light.

After all, if I’m unwilling, or incapable of doing that, then who is going to do that for me?

No one.

It’s either have a voice, or have no voice.

I really like having a voice, speaking for myself.

It’s even sweeter when that voice, is truly, my voice.

Conclusion: You can expect a lot more blogging from me. Take the good stuff, the stuff you know can work for you.

The other stuff, well, just pretend you are one of the Beatles, and sing for me, “Let It Be”. “Imagine” that….

Best regards,

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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