Could You Spell That?


What’s your name? What? Could you spell that?

OK, what gives? Well, how many times have you asked a student, or someone new, somewhere, at sometime, this question: “What’s your name?”

And the answer is some strange, unusual, uncommon, extraordinary name that we’ve never heard before. So, we say: “I’ve never heard that before. Can you repeat please?”

So, they repeat, and we realize we still don’t get it. So, modesty and manners compel us to not make a big deal out of it by asking again, “What’s your name?”, although inside we are almost willing to shout, “WHAT’S your name?”

So what do we do? Because we want to know that name. This is a story we have got to get right! You know what I’m talking about. It goes like this: “The other day I met this guy/this lady with this really weird name. What were their parents thinking naming a baby… 🙂

Where were we? Oh, the name. We gotta get that name right. So then we go cerebral (clever) and change tactics. What do we do?

We say, “Could you spell that?”

Problem solved, right? Case closed, we got our stranger, we got our new student in a corner. Now we are going to find out what THAT name is!

However, don’t be so sure. The “What’s Your Name Stranger / New Student Game (commonly known as a nightmare) may be just beginning…

Enjoy the video(s). I thought it would be nice to do this in British and North American English. Have fun!


About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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