Extraordinary Quantum Learning: Kansas 3C School District Granted NCLB Waiver!

Bobbi Deporter

The McPherson Unified School District in Central Kansas has been granted a waiver from NCLB, from Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

(Quote) “In partnership with Quantum Learning and ACT, Inc., the school district developed the C3 — Citizenship, College and Career Readiness plan, including benchmarks to measure student progress in the three areas of emphasis. The U.S. Department of Education called the C3 initiative “bold, challenging and one of a kind in the United States.”

DOE officials indicated it would be considered a model for future waiver requests from other school districts.

Quantum Learning Network, which integrates Quantum Learning teacher and student programs in school districts nationwide, has worked with the school district for almost 10 years.

“Quantum Learning is thrilled to be part of this breakthrough initiative in McPherson,” said Bobbi DePorter, president of Quantum Learning Network and Learning Forum International, which provides schools and families with 8 Keys of Excellence character programs…” (End of Quote)

Here’s the good news: the school is now freed from NCLB mandates, and have a national model 3C Plan: Citizenship, College and Career readiness, to guide their future efforts.

This news is not only extraordinary, but clearly has potential to be a seismic event for educators across the country. What’s my prediction?

I predict that McPherson Unified School District and Quantum are going to be very busy fielding a ton of phone calls from people asking them one question: “How did you do it?” If McPherson and Quantum are the holders of the one and only model 3C Plan, there are an awful lot of people who will be interested in replicating the model.

The question is academic. 3C or NCLB?

Which one suits your school best? I would think that 3C is an attractive option…

Congratulations to Quantum and McPherson. The tide is turning…


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Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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