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Dr. Martha Dijkhoff, Former Minister of Education for the Netherland Antilles: “Patois Can Be Used to Teach English”

Dr. Martha Martha Dijkhoff, Former Minister of Education for the Netherland Antilles, giving a speech at the 2010 International Centre for Caribbean Language Research (ICCLR) 2 day conference, which was held on January 13-14, 2010 at the University of the … Continue reading

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The Global Search for Education: Teacher Be Good

C. M. Rubin interview (excerpt) of Professor Theo Wubbels, who is from the Netherlands. Source: The Huffington Post http://huff.to/jdIxas Is there enough emphasis on technology in school curricula currently? I think in The Netherlands, the use of technology in schools … Continue reading

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Programa “Vocación de Profesor”: 40% de becados entró a Pedagogía en Inglés, Matemática y Básica

Beneficio elevó en 9,5 puntos el puntaje promedio en universidades tradicionales. Fuente: El Mercurio online – martes, 28 de junio http://bit.ly/kCJssG por Alejandra Muñoz C. Este año, 3.234 estudiantes entraron a estudiar Pedagogía en forma gratuita gracias a la beca … Continue reading

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Words, Glorious Words: Speak To Me

Today I’m writing a few lines about teaching speaking. To begin with, Scott Thornbury had an excellent post on his blog this past Sunday (all his posts are great, by the way). It was called, “E is for Eliciting” http://scottthornbury.wordpress.com/2011/06/26/e-is-for-eliciting/Continue reading

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