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Interview with Scott Thornbury

June, 2010 An interview for Chiew Pang’s blog, “IASKU” (I ask you) http://iasku.wordpress.com/ http://iasku.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/scott-thornbury/ Questions: Tell us a little about yourself… What are your current projects? What motivates you? Who have been the important influences in your life? Do you … Continue reading

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Scott Thornbury: “Coaching from the sidelines” (Video)

An example of micro-teaching on the New School MA TESOL course, where teachers-in-training plan a lesson together in groups and then ‘teach’ it to their colleagues, with the trainer intervening where apporpriate. The lesson was a presentaiton of ‘used to’ … Continue reading

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High Cost of Low Educational Performance: Andreas Schleicher

Human capital and education are at the centre of a knowledge economy. More than ever, our level of education and skills will determine future social cohesion, prosperity and sustainability. Europe was once a beacon of educational performance, and a model … Continue reading

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Mensaje de Apoyo a los Estudiantes (Reconocidos Actores Chilenos)

Reconocidos actores chilenos entregan su apoyo al movimiento estudiantil: Hector Noguera, Diego Muñoz, Julio Milostich, Daniel Muñoz, Nestor Cantillana, Alejandro Trejo y Daniel Alcaíno Realización: estudiantes de Periodismo y Cine&TV UCHILE CAMPAÑA: #YOAPOYOALOSESTUDIANTES CONTACTO: yoapoyoalosestudiantes@gmail.com

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Education in Chile: ¿En qué idioma te lo explico?

In this video, the students explain what they are fighting for. You will hear the following languages: English, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, French, Norwegian, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.

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