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I Do Not Work For Pearson: “Mala Leche”

Firstly, let’s be clear: I do not work for Pearson. Pearson has not signed a book deal with me. Pearson has not offered to fly me anywhere. Pearson doesn’t even know I exist (as far as I know). No, Pearson … Continue reading

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Glass to Brazil In Search of Educational Excellence

This past Spring, the Council of Chief State School Officers and the Pearson Foundation offered several education leaders from around the country the opportunity to visit Brazil to see schools, be part of a meeting of U.S. state leaders in … Continue reading

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Pearson & The Pursuit of Educational Excellence: Ethics Flags Raised

Pearson has been busy in the past year or so, recently buying Connections Education, which operates virtual schools; partnering with the Florida Virtual School to offer online courses; buying SchoolNet, whose software tracks student progress; teaming up with the biggest … Continue reading

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Pupil Premium: Funding for England’s deprived pupils set to double

Press notice date: 19 September 2011 http://bit.ly/nDecfX The total funding available for the Pupil Premium is set to double and will rise to £1.25bn in 2012-13. The Pupil Premium began to be allocated to schools this year and is targeting … Continue reading

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Education Reform: Will Chile Get It Right?

“Almost every country has undertaken some form of school system reform during the past two decades, but very few have succeeded in improving their systems from poor to fair to good to great to excellent.” (How the World’s Most Improved … Continue reading

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