International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL)

Today, I want to introduce to you, the frequent reader of this blog, and to you, the casual reader / accidental reader of this blog, an excellent, a truly great organization of higher education professionals. I am talking about the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association.

“Wow”, you must be thinking. “This is a secret group that’s been around for centuries”.

No, dear reader, I would be untruthful if I told you that. As a matter of fact, I’ve already told you all that I’m going to tell you. You have come to know me as a person whose judgement is based in evidence. I’m always trying to ground my beliefs firmly in things that can be proved, shown to be irrefutably true.

So, the best evidence I can give you is to let you take a look at what the organization has accomplished, on a global scale, in an absolutely short periood of time, the past six months.

From that, I am hoping you will be able to see the future greatness of the organization, and will want to know what you can do to be a part of the organization. You see, I trust your judgement, just as you trust mine.

I finish, as I promised, by giving you the reader a look at what the organisation is doing, what it has done, and thereby encouraging you to imagine, what you can do, as a new member…

Credit: Higher Education Teaching and Learning

Source: HETL

The International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (referred to as HETL) is a certified non-profit organization in the State of New York (USA) with headquarters in New York City. HETL’s scope is international with a global membership.

The aim of HETL is to bring together higher education professionals and thought leaders from around the world to dialogue, network, and collaborate on issues relevant to teaching and learning in higher education. The vision of HETL is to generate new knowledge and to advance the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning in higher education.

To this end, HETL works with and supports individual educators as well as all types of educational institutions, associations, centers, and other groups interested in improving teaching and learning in higher education.

Credit: HETL

The International HETL Portal gives the association a public presence and serves as a digital gateway and clearinghouse to a wide array of resources and information on teaching and learning. The International HETL Review disseminates current knowledge and research on teaching and learning by publishing peer-reviewed interdisciplinary, interprofessional articles from educators and researchers from around the world.

HETL members represent all disciplines, functions, and levels within the higher education ecosystem around the world. HETL is open to higher education professionals from all institutional types and missions. HETL members represent a broad cross-section of professionals in higher education. This diversity allows HETL to create a global interdisciplinary perspective on teaching and learning.

HETL members represent:

■ over 120 countries from every continent except Antarctica
■ every discipline, function, and level within higher education
■ every institutional type and mission (public, private, non-profit, profit, sectarian, non-sectarian, etc) within higher education

Approximate representation by location:

■ North America (50%)
■ Europe (20%)
■ South America (12%)
■ Asia (12%)
■ Australia (3.0%)
■ Africa (3.0%)

Approximate representation by function:

■ Higher education faculty, researchers, and scholars (66%)
■ Higher education executives, managers, and administrators (24%)
■ Higher education non-profit executives, managers, and professionals (4%)
■ Higher education support, e.g., librarians, counselors, technologists (4%)
■ Higher education publishers, editors, authors, journalists, and consultants (2%)


To submit an article, see the submission Instructions page.

For all other queries, you may contact the HETL Director at

Twitter: @hetlportal
Advancing the scholarship and practice of higher education teaching and learning (HETL). #HETL @HETLblessinger and @cyndyw2

HETL Facebook:

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