Profeta Sin Tierra: Prophets In Their Own Land at #EdcampSantiago

How high will the quality of Edcamp Santiago be? Who is coming to Edcamp Santiago, when no big name guru’s or experts will be there? How high will the quality of the learning experience be?

At Edcamp Santiago, we believe the teachers who come are the experts, we are the guru’s, we are the mythical “profetas sin reconocimiento, profetas sin fama, sin renombre, efectivamente sin voz en su propia tierra”.

Edcamp Santiago will introduce you to some great teaching and learning from some uncommonly great teachers. Have you got your ticket yet?

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Now, we showcase the talents of Edcamp Santiago Co-Organiser, Ms. Jessica Vazquez…

Source: Jessie Vazquez

Imagine this scenario: Your Principal/Rector/Director/Headmistress/Boss/Colleague/etc. comes to you for help. The task: Create a presentation for an upcoming conference on leadership.

What do you do? Who or where do YOU go for help?

Jessie Vazquez, who is a Co-Organizer for Edcamp Santiago 2012, who you can follow on Twitter @jessievaz12 , recently was faced with this exact scenario we just described: help her boss, who is none other than the Headmistress at the prestigious Santiago College, in Santiago, Chile.

Edcamp Santiago: Jessie, what did you do?

Jessie: “Who better to ask than the Twitterverse to find out if the qualities of the profile really reflected the components of successful leadership in the 21st century?”

EdcampSantiago: Collaboration and cooperation with other teachers around the world, what an awesome solution! Jessie, what were your results? What did you find out from your colleagues on Twitter?

Jessie: “The results are fascinating! First, I want to thank everyone from my Professional Learning Network (PLN) who answered the survey and retweeted (RT) it so that we could get a more extensive picture of what leadership in the 21st century looks like around the world. While we could always get more answers, we did get a fair amount and we were able to make some interesting conclusions.

Edcamp Santiago: Thanks Jessie. To find out more about Jessie’s conclusions, click on the link:

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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