The #Edcamp Story: Narrated by @dancallahan


Edcamp Story - Dan Callahan

Burlington Educators Association member and Edcamp founder Dan Callahan talks about on how and why the Edcamp unconference movement has grown so quickly, and offers lessons for teachers looking to have a greater impact on their communities and world.

** Los próximos edcamps van a tener lugar en



edcamp Chile

Edcamp Chile: 5 cities, 1 day!
Iquique-Santiago-Puerto Montt-Calbuco-Coyhaique
Second Saturday in March

Costanera de la ciudad. Día de Feria en Calbuco

Edcamp Chile: March 9, 2013

Edcamp Santiago

The island of Calbuco, Chile: la Costanera… Edcamp Calbuco

Tamara Gómez: Edcamp Calbuco Organizer

Edcamp Chile, una conferencia nacional como nunca se ha visto, gratuita para los profesores y estudiantes de pedagogía, de todo Chile, que se realizará en las ciudades de Iquique, Santiago, Puerto Montt, Calbuco y Coyhaique, el segundo sábado en marzo, el 9 de marzo, 2013.

La conferencia tiene como objetivo único el intercambio de experiencias pedagógicas éxitosas, es decir, “Best Practice”, entre pares. Hay tres ejes: TIC’s en la educación, innovación y creatividad, y colaboración interdisciplinaria.

Inscripciones Abiertas para #Edcamp Santiago 2013! Ven a participar! Solamente 200 cupos!

Haz clic aquí:

YouTube Video Edcamp Chile

Edcamp Chile is a national edcamp, like nothing ever seen before, free for teachers and future teachers, which will take place in the cities of Iquique, Santiago, Puerto Montt, Coyhaique, and on the beautiful island of Calbuco, in southern Chile.

The date will be the second Saturday in March, March 9, 2013.

The edcamps have one main objective: educators exchanging successful educational experiences which come from the classroom itself, “Best Practice” grounded in reality.

Get your tickets here:

There are three main areas of interest:

1. technology in the classroom,

2. innovation and creativity, and

3. interdisciplinary cooperation among teachers.

Other topics are welcome. The “Rule of 2 Feet” decides where the people will be! If the session you are in is not meeting your needs, you can get up on your 2 feet and walk to another session that best suits your needs and interests!

The host for Edcamp Santiago will be Universidad UCINF (Information Technology Science).

Get your tickets here:

Gratis! Entrada Edcamp Santiago 2013


click to see the YouTube Video Edcamp Chile
(in Spanish)

Below: The island of Calbuco seen from the air

vista áerea de Calbuco



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