Second Language Acquisition is Number 1 on Amazon Best Sellers Rank! You Did It – Thank You! We’re Number 1!

Second Language Acquisition: Language, Culture & Identity is Number 1 on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank in the Professional Development Category! Thank you dear readers, thank you so much!

Thank you, individually and collectively, every one of you, for helping me to achieve this honor with this great book. I literally could not have become Number 1 without your belief in this book, and in its writer, me, Thomas Jerome Baker, Sr.

Some might ask, however, “Why is it such a big deal for a book that is FREE (yes FREE) to become Number 1? After all, you’re just giving the book away to anyone who wants it, right?”

Correct. Exactly. That’s absolutely true.

For five (5) straight days, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (until midnight), Amazon has given me the possibility for me to share my work with you, absolutely FREE. You can still get the book today, no cost, just download it, and enjoy it.

In other words, for 5 days, this book has been open access to the world. Anyone, anywhere, at any time, can have access to my writing. It does not matter whether or not you can pay for the book.

There is no price to pay if you do not have money. This book is for everyone, the rich and the poor, those who can pay, and those who can not pay. That’s why it has been FREE for 5 days… For 5 days, I have given this book to everyone in the world, thanks to Amazon Kindle.

If you do not have a Kindle Reader, or an iPad, then you can download a FREE Kindle Reader for your PC, install it, and then enjoy the book for free – excuse me – I meant FREE – $0.00. So, if you need a FREE Kindle Reader for your PC, then click on this link ======>
FREE Kindle Reader for PC

After you install the FREE Kindle Reader, you can then download this book. If you do not have an account with Amazon, you will first need to set up an account. The account is FREE – you pay nothing – there is no charge.

Step 1. Download the Free Kindle Reader for PC.
Step 2. Install it on your PC.
Step 3. Set up an account with Amazon.
Step 4. Download my book
Step 5. Enjoy the book
Step 6. Write a Customer Review if you enjoyed the book.
Step 7. If you don’t like the book, write me and tell me about it.
Step 8. I write you back and tell you I will improve the book.

If you have money to pay for this book, the fact that it is Number 1 on the Amazon Best Seller Rank lets you know that a lot of people (worldwide) are enthusiastic about this book. They wanted to get it, even when they could get other books.

Yes, people get this book when they want to have access to the knowledge, skills, abilities, insights and personal uses this book offers to them, individually, and collectively.

This book, like all my books, are written in my own unique style – from the heart and from the soul of my own lived experience. I enjoy sharing with all my heart and soul.

I am a “glocal” adopted into the heart, the soul, the tradition, the culture, the language and the identity of Chile, while retaining the global nature of a man born and raised in the USA, the most beautiful country on Earth, from sea to shining sea.

All this is me, the Chilean spirit of resilience, the American who courageously goes forward to meet any challenge, any foe, and despite the difficulty of the day, return again for another day.

I too, as a Chilean, am American. As an American, I too am Chilean. This spirit is evident in this book. Therefore, as a characteristic, sharing is an aspect of professional development that makes all of us better, worldwide.

I enjoy writing, with all my heart and soul, because it allows me to leave a legacy, a cultural artifact, that has the ability to enrich the lives of generations to come long after I’m gone. As John Dewey said, “I have fulfilled the obligation to share my knowledge I have, my tips, my techniques, my practices and my mis-practices (yes, the goog and the bad, even the ugly), to share with others, so as to make everyone aware of the way in which I have been successful.”

Yet way leads on to way, from day to day, and tomorrow never comes twice.

When I die, my knowledge and my methods do not die with me.

They live on, if this, the contents of this book, is of value to some future generation.

That is why you read this book, to search for and find what you need to become a better person, a better teacher, a better learner of languages.

In all of this writing (me), and reading (you), one thing remains constant: our shared humanity, our shared relationship, our constant contact with one another as human beings.

It is for this reason that I choose to write in the first person, so as to enter a personal dialogue with you, the reader.

Again, I express my gratitude to all of you for making this book an Amazon Best Sellers Number 1, in the Professional Development category. That’s special, because even when books are FREE, like this one, not every book becomes Number 1. Thank you, most kindly, for making this dream come true for me, a self-published, author. Who says you have to have a big publishing company behind you to be Number 1? We did it, together, and we can do it again…and again.

Now, let’s be honest, frank, and direct with each other, right here. If you have money to pay for this book, tomorrow you can buy this book on Kindle, for $9.99.

Trust me, (really) this is a great book, and you will find it useful to you, as a teacher, for your students, for any person who has ever learned at least one language, and now wants to learn a second language. This book is for all of us who are human, and in need of inspiration, motivation, and support in our journey through this book, Second Language Acquisition: Language, Culture & Identity. I know you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Again, it’s one of my best books, this book is. It’s my fifty-eighth book (58 books) that I have written. Everything that I learned in writing the other fifty-seven (57) books has influenced this book.

This book is filled with my love of my profession, my colleagues, and our students. From this perspective, it’s a great book.

This book is filled with my soul, a man who was gifted with the ability to teach. Yes, I was born to teach. I have been a teacher all my life. I find that I have always learned best when I taught others what I had learned.

I don’t really know if the learning, in order to teach, or the teaching, in order to learn, is most beneficial. I simply know that it is absolutely true that what the people say, “When one teaches, two learn”, has always been true for me. It is a pedagogy of teaching and learning that is well worth considering, the notion that teaching leads to learning and learning leads to teaching, in a reciprocal, inter-related fashion. Maybe I could write a book about that…Hmmm

Finally, I want to say a word about voice, the way the words “sound” as you read them quietly, inside of, and how you feel as you read my words to you. I write in such a way as to make the effort that you feel comfortable with me, as if you were indeed in a chat with me, in some place where two people can relax, a café, a living room, a park, across from one another at a lunch table,etc.

Then you ask me the question: “Thomas, what can you tell me about Second Language Acquisition, from your experience of being a teacher of English and a learner of languages (I’m trilingual in English, Spanish, and German)? This book is the answer to that question.

One final request I want to make, please. Tomorrow, this book will go on sale, for $9.99. If you enjoyed this book, tell your colleagues about it today, while it’s free, for $0.00. Call them up, send them a text message, a Whatsapp, an email, a Facebook message, a videochat, whatever way of communication you have.

I ask you to try to share that this is a book that you know they will not regret having read, not regret that they invested their time to sit down with a great book, and a great story. On the contrary, reading this book will be a pleasure.

Recomend the book to your friends, suggest it to your colleagues. Tell them, this is the book that you must have, get it now, while it’s FREE, $0.00.

Tomorrow it costs $9.99, because it has been written with my heart and soul, to share with others who can not side down by the warmth of a fire (metaphorically) and have a personal chat with me. That’s why the book is warm and friendly, engaging, in first person.

Viva Chile! La bandera chilena y Thomas

Also, please do me one last favor, dear friend. Take the time to write a CUSTOMER REVIEW. A customer review is your way of publicly adding your voice to my voice.

No matter how much, and how often I say, “This is a great book, written from the heart and soul of man who was born to teach, who learns while teaching and teaches while learning, yes, but nothing is more powerful than when you, the reader, writes, “This is a great book. I enjoyed reading it. I recommend you buy this book because it will enrich your life.”

When you write that you enjoyed the book, that it helped you, that it made you laugh, it made you cry, it made you feel human, vulnerable and secure as humans are at the same time, it made you think, it validated what you already knew, it stretched your imagination a bit further than before, that you could not put the book down until you had finished it, that you turned one page after another.

These are the words, then, your words, that will motivate others to buy this book, to experience for themselves what you have experienced. Your words are much more valuable than mine. Your Customer Review is very valuable, because if your friends and colleagues can’t trust you, then who are they going to trust?

That’s why you tell them truly that your experience was positive reading this book. If there is any problem, anything you don’t like, please write me a personal email, and tell me what happened. I will improve the book in any way that i can to improve not only the quality of your reading experience, but for everyone. That’s my promise to you: I guarantee your satisfaction, if you will only write me and tell me what I need to address.

My email: ===>

So, I humbly ask you, “Will you please write a Customer Review for this book that you helped become Number 1 on the Amazon Best Seller Ranks of FREE books?

If you write a Customer Review, then one day we will celebrate this book becoming Number 1 on the Amazon Best Seller Ranks of paid books also, which is where this book truly belongs.

Again, I thank you for what you have done in making this book an Amazon Number 1. My gratitude knows no bounds for your generosity, for your trust, and for the faith that you have placed in my writing abilities.

Kind regards to one and all,
Thomas Baker


About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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