#Tranformation #Innovation (by Jon B. Broome, MBA): “No Better Guide For Bringing Good Ideas to Market”


There is no better guide for quickly bringing good ideas to market. Whether you are a single inventor or are part of a large innovation team, this profound and simple book provides you with tips, tools, process and stories that help with the human challenges of innovation.

During his career, Mr. Broome guided over 300 innovation retreats where he learned the deeper, more personal ways of successful innovation.

Using simple wisdom first espoused by Hildegard of Bingen in the 12th century, this book explores how:
the via creativa
the via positiva
the via negativa
the via transforma
all interact within the soul of the innovator to either fuel or stop innovation success.

Using his extensive work with over 750 innovators over two decades, the author distills down the essential elements of successful innovation in a format that is elegant, useful and beautiful. Any one of the many simple tools found in this book can serve to propel your innovation forward – or get it unstuck.

The author, Jon B. Broome, spent over twenty years bringing innovations and inventions successfully to market. Beginning in 1985 with creating a niche monopoly during the divestiture of the Bell System and continuing on to create two breakthroughs providing primary care in the health care industry in 2011, the author has the kind of practical experience that translates into simple wisdom that anyone can benefit from. His experience spans two decades and includes directing innovations in the for profit, nonprofit, government and educational worlds.

This 123 page full-color book is a quick study. An essential read for anyone who wants success as well as fulfillment with innovation.

About the author
Jon B. Broome is a commercially successful innovator many times over, beginning with the creation of a niche monopoly, Prewire Teleconnections, during the AT&T divestiture. Most recently he led the effort that created two breakthroughs in health care by serving as the innovation director of Oregon’s first two membership-based primary care health clinics.

Mr. Broome has advised over 750 innovators in for profit, nonprofit, government and educational sectors as they created hundreds of innovations. Using natural settings, he led over 300 innovation retreats through which he gained unique insights into deeper personal and soulful aspects of successful innovation.

He created the nationally recognized Innovation Business Management Program and directed the International Innovators’ Open Forum in Las Vegas.

Jon is the author of Holy Random Leadership, Mentoring Excellence and numerous articles on innovation, leadership and mentoring.

He is graduate of West Point with an MBA from the University of Oregon. He served on the board of directors of ARABLE loan fund, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic and Oregon School Board District 71. He is currently an instructor of management and marketing at Oregon State University.


Transformation Innovation [Kindle Edition]
Jon Broome (Author), Jai Broome (Photographer)

Connect with Jon:
Oregon State University
College of Business
Email: jon.broome@bus.oregonstate.edu


Facebook: Jon B. Broome

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