#FREE Only 6 More Hours: #Gratis! $0.00 – StoryTellers: In Pursuit of Happiness

Five Fabulous Free Days Are Almost Over!

We celebrated the Fourth of July with A FREE Book!

In fact, we celebrated July 3rd, July 4th, July 5th, July 6th, July 7th! Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday!

Today is the last opportunity, (for free) hurry, don’t delay! Only 6 more hours to go!

Later this month, the third book in the Storyteller Trilogy will be coming out! You will already have Book One and Book Two in your hands if you have this book: Storytellers: In Pursuit of Happiness.

Book Three will be introducing some new characters, and the plot will take us back to the place where it all bagan, with a story told, and a Storyteller, telling a story… Or is that where it all begins? You will have to get Book Three of this Trilogy to find out!

Book Description

Publication Date: March 31, 2012

Story Tellers have always told the stories of man’s pursuit of love, gold, power, and ultimately, happiness. In this book we meet a mythical storyteller, Solomon, his wife Lanisha, and his son David. Through their stories we follow the earliest fortunes and misfortunes of man’s attempt to achieve tremendous wealth, power and happiness. It is a story which will leave you wiser about the true meaning of true redemptive love, success, and joy in our lives…

Finally, thank all of you for your support. You have moved Storytellers: In Search of Happiness to Number 13 on the Amazon Kindle Free Books List! That means when Book 3 in the Trilogy is released, it will have good chances to do equally well as Book 1 and Book 2, hopefully, all the way to number 1 on the Amazon Kindle list of books.

I have one final request. One criteria necessary for the book to go higher is an honest Customer Review of the book.There are no Customer Reviews yet.

So, if you have enjoyed this book, please click the link where it says, “Customer Review”, and write a positive customer review.

If you did not like this book, please contact me and tell me what you didn’t like, and what you would like me to do to improve Book 3 in the Trilogy. I promise you I will address your concerns as best as I possibly can.

So, tell your friends to get this book. Write a positive Customer Review if you have read and enjoyed this book.

If you have concerns, let me know what I can do to increase your enjoyment of this book.

Have a great day!

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About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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