What is Chile Like? ¿Como es Chile? La Casa Nueva (Tito Fernandez)

I am an experiential writer. I write from experience, true to what I have seen, experienced, felt, enjoyed, lived, etc. Writing is real, and nothing is more real than life itself.

As you can imagine, an experiential writer like myself has little need for invention. The stories I tell are alive within my memory. For example, as I look at the picture above, of Tito Fernandez, affectionately known as "El Temucano" by his countrymen, and my memory is alive with the sights, smells and sounds of my beloved Chile.

Even without the picture, I assure you my friend, my memory will always and forever hold a special place for Mr. Tito Fernandez.

"For what reasons?", you might ask.

"The music, yes, the culture, too", I must answer with affection.

Yet, there are further, more deeply personal reasons, that I shall disclose in my new book, "I Live In Chile". Yet let us turn our attention elsewhere, for the moment.

I am speaking of my motivation for the writing of "I Live In Chile". I am aware that many people will be extremely satisfied to have a book like this, written from an "outside" perspective, of someone on the "inside". I achieve this seemingly impossible feat due to my status as an immigrant, foreign born, not a native son, yet an appreciative "adopted child".

As you can see, this book will be one that will be a must-read, for the native born Chilean. This book is also a must-read, for the foreigner, who has heard much about Chile, yet in reality, knows very little about Chile.

Yes, it is true, we have heard much about the culture of Chile, in the "Big C" tradition of holidays, festivals, food, music, and social behavior (Big C) way that we learn about all foreign cultures.

Yet in this book, it is the "Little C", the deep culture, present in the language, in the way we dress, look, walk, talk, feel, think, and interact with one another. I dare say, the Little C of Chilean culture will fascinate you, as it has me, for the past decade.

To be honest, I have been adopted by Chile, and from this unique viewpoint, I hope to share what my Chile is like. Indeed, the great folk singer, Tito Fernandez, once explained how difficult it was for him to answer the question, "¿Como es Chile?" (What is Chile Like?) when he was asked by a young child, in Canada, who had been born of Chilean parents, but had never been physically in Chile.

¿Como es Chile?

What is she like? Who is she? Where is she?

I hope to shed light on such questions in this book, which will be coming out in the next 14 days. Make sure to get your copy, because this book will become necessary for all who truly wish for another story, which clarifies and increases what we know about Chile, the marvelously magnificent country that God has located at the very end of the world.

Bernardo and Fabiola, my Chilean family and I invite you to come dance with us, ultimately, to dance with Chile. She is waiting for you my friend...

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About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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