Audiobook Cover Design Contest: What’s The Prize? Fame, Fortune & Glory

Hi Debi,

You asked, “What’s the prize?”

I’m glad you did. Fame, fortune and glory await the winner of this contest. But first things first.

First of all, thank you for your response. You are the first Audiobook Cover Designer to respond to my Venus Cover Contest.

I thank you kindly for your interest. Now, let me explain why I am referring to you as an, “Audiobook Cover Designer” rather than, “Graphic designer“.

When I google search for “graphic designer”, there are approximately 30.400.000 results “hits” in 0,62 seconds for the term. Over 30 Million hits in 6 milliseconds is a lot of hits, and 6 milliseconds is fast. As a matter of fact, it is lightning fast. The implication of all this is a very sober one. There is cause for concern, and here is what it means, 30 million hits on Google in 6 milliseconds:

It means a graphic designer is extremely common. Despite all the specialised knowledge needed, graphic designers exist in enormous quantities around the world. An almost endless supply of graphic designers exists.

Anytime something is plentiful, existing in abundance, its value or perceived worth, decreases. In order to add value, and increase personal worth, a graphic designer needs to differentiate, stand out, be special in some unique way from the general mass of graphic designers.

For example, writers do this (differentiate/stand out/ be special) by entering their books in contests. Winning, or simply placing high, is often enough to differentiate the writer’s work from his/her peers. After all, the book received the prize because it was judged to be better than the others. Winning the contest is therefore a sign of high quality writing. So people buy the book, because it must be good.

We can agree, therefore, that winning the contest ultimately adds value to the writer’s book.

Next,let’s answer your question: What exactly is the prize for winning?

The prize for winning the contest…is winning.

What are the rewards?

The rewards you recieve are the same two (2) rewards that every winner always recieves:

1. Intrinsic Reward – This comes from your internal motivation, whatever it is that drives you to be the best possible Audiobook Cover Designer you can be, and the sense of fulfillment that achieving your personal goal brings with it.

This aspect is different for all people, but most humans have this innate desire to achieve our full human potential. We can debate whether humans were born that way, or if we later developed this trait in response to our social environment. Regardless of how the debate ends, in favor of nature, or in favor of nurture, I can only say that I have never met anyone who wanted to achieve less in their lives than they were capable of achieving.

In sum, a contest provides a way for people to achieve personal, intrinsic, internal goals. The motivation comes from within us, based on our own personal reasons.

2. Extrinsic – This is the external reward, what someone else is going to give you as the prize for winning. In this case, I provide the prize for winning. So here’s exactly what the “Venus Cover Contest” winner gets from me:

1. Lifetime achievement:

You will be able to proudly point to the accomplishment of having been judged as extraordinarily talented at what you do. In other words, you are a professional Audiobook Cover Designer of the highest quality. You are adept at interpreting a book that is read by a professional voice actor (Mr. Rich Crankshaw), and creating the cover that best brings those two elements into harmony with one another.

The printed words of the book, and the spoken words of the voice actor, the narrator who provides the reading of the author’s work, can not simply exist as isolated elements, independent of the other.

It is your creativity and capacity for innovation that “magically” adds consistency and coherency to the entire project.

In sum, you won the right to provide the cover because you are awesome at what you do. That’s a lifetime achievement that you can be proud of every single day for the rest of your life.

2. Marketing and Promotion:

Three hundred and twenty eight (328). That is the exact number of “hits” you get when you Google the search phrase, in parentheses, “audiobook cover designer“. This result is after 0.59 seconds of Google search engine time.

Yes, you can trust your eyes. Only 328 uses of the phrase, “audiobook cover designer”, on the entire searchable internet, which is about 8 Billion webpages, give or take a few.

What does it mean?

328 hits out of 8 Billion web pages, what does it mean?

It means that an “audiobook cover designer” is practically invisible, unknown, unheard of, out of mind, out of sight, etc.

I wish I was making this up, but the truth is, an audiobook cover designer is so deep undercover that even the CIA, the FBI, the KGB, Scotland Yard, and even James Bond himself would have a hard time locating you! This is no joke.

When Google, with its powerful search engine algorithims, takes 0.59 seconds to locate only 328 uses of the phrase, “audiobook cover designer”, it means either 328 people are making all the audiobook covers for Audiobooks, or, graphic designers have an incredible opportunity to reposition / rebrand / recreate / redefine themselves as “Audiobook Cover Designers”, in a $Billion dollar industry that is experiencing substantial growth, expected to continue for the next five years, until 2018 (Market Research Report by IBIS World).

Therefore, for a graphic designer, rebranding oneself as an, “Audiobook Cover Designer”, makes a lot of sense, especially since this is an area with less than 500 mentions of the phrase, Audiobook Cover Designer that can even be found in 8 Billion webpages.

Opportunity is knocking, and now is the time to take full advantage of it.

Participating in this contest, the Venus Cover Contest, provides any graphic designer with the necessary credibility to either rebrand or to expand into a lucrative market as an audiobook cover designer.

Let me add, that right now, the number one Google search engine result for “Audiobook Cover Designer” is this blog, Profesorbaker’s Worldwide English Blog, which has over 5000 followers. Everytime I send out a blogpost, five thousand, one hundred and fifty one (5150) people get notified.

As an audiobook cover designer, here on this blog, this is the place where you want to be. There can be no doubt about that…

As the winner of the contest, you will have your own page, added to this blog, in which the readers can inform themselves about your audiobook cover design services, and your graphic design service.

As you know, adding a page to a blog and displaying it prominently, at the top of the page, is a valuable marketing and promotion tool for the winner.

Here, it must be said that the potential value to you, of having your own page on this blog, can not be calculated.

In addition to 5000 followers who get notified of every blogpost, the blog will go over the 1 million site visit mark in early 2014.

One million site visits (1,000,000)…

There’s more: As the contest winner, you will be present on the number one internet page for “Audiobook Cover Design”. If you are an Audiobook Cover Designer, this is the place to be.

In conclusion, Debi, I wish you and all the other participants the best of luck. For any other questions you may have, please feel free to contact me on this page, or by email ==>

I thank you in advance for your participation.



About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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