Meet Samantha Fury, Author & Audiobook Cover Designer: Venus Audiobook Cover Contest Participant

About Samantha

Samantha Fury is an extremely talented and amazingly gifted person. She is a graphic artist, book cover designer, an Audiobook Cover Designer, a Mystery/Romance author at Self Published, Amazon Author Page, and President at Christian Indie Authors.

As you can see, I am absolutely honored, thrilled, excited and humbled that someone of Samantha’s background is participating in the Venus Audiobook Cover Contest.

First, it is my pleasure to present to you, the Samantha Fury Biography, taken from where it appears on Amazon:

Samantha Fury

Samantha Fury was born in Kentucky, the daughter of a coal miner & his loving homemaker. She is an only child so she spent many hours using her imagination to keep her busy. She graduated in 1984, got married in 1986 and began what she calls her ‘life on the road.’

Samantha spent over eighteen years traveling with her husband, through 48 states & Canada. This gave her lots of experience for the backgrounds of her Novels. These days she spends her time tending to her dogs, Jack, Max, Socks, and writing/working on several forums, websites, and author groups.

Samantha calls her genre, Life Fiction. Many think Samantha writes romance, and though here novels contain romance they do not center on that alone. Her novels shows real life struggles, a little detective work, and humor when at all possible.

Samantha has many stories to tell, and she hopes to be around writing for many years to come. Samantha has always loved writing since the early age of eight and she hopes that her stories can uplift, entertain, and be a blessing to her readers.

Samantha writes: For those that are not familiar with the term “Indie“, it just means, independent, self published. We do all the work our self. We are not with a Publishing house. We make our own covers, hire out editing, or anything else we can’t do on our own.

I started this group so that we could help Christians get the best covers, learn everything they can about marketing, so they can be a light in a dark world.

Fiction and non fiction is going to be the final frontier in spreading God’s word. It is my Ministry to help Christians learn all they can about being the best they can be so we can be a light in a dark place.

If you are a reader than this is a great place to learn about those of us that strive to tell the story of God’s grace, mercy, salvation through fiction and non fiction.



Samantha has designed and entered two Audiobook Covers for Story Tellers: The Pursuit of Happiness. Here they are:

Cover #1

Story Tellers Cover by Samantha Fury

Cover #2

Storyteller Cover by Samantha Fury

Vote For the Cover You Like Best

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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