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The audiobook, Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness will be coming out soon. I’m excited by that. As you know, I am collaborating with some outstanding and talented people on this project.

But first, please click on the link under the picture and go vote, please. Tell me which Audiobook Cover you like the best. I appreciate your time, and I promise, good things will happen to you in your life, so, go ==> vote. Now. Please.

Now, who are these amazing people working with me? I’m glad you asked.

First, there is Rich Crankshaw, a truly amazing voice actor, who is the narrator. The first time I heard him read a dialogue between Solomon, the Storyteller, and his son, David, I knew Rich was going to be the perfect narrator for this book. Any thoughts I had of narrating my own book vanished from my mind immediately.

Next, the Audiobook Cover Designer is the amazingly talented Ms. Samantha Fury. She is the epitome of a multitalented indie author: Writer, Graphic designer, Audiobook Cover Designer, Publisher, Entrepreneur, and grass-roots organiser of indie authors. Yes, Samantha can do it all.

I ask myself: What is someone as talented as Samantha doing as my cover designer?

I stop to think for a moment and the answer comes to me: She is collaborating with me. Just as Mr. Rich Crankshaw is collaborating with me as the narrator of the book.

Collaboration is the key.

It makes us all better, able to achieve more than if we simply kept doing everything all by ourselves. It seems obvious, but the truth is that it is extremely satisfying to be able to do everything for yourself: write a book, publish a book, and promote a book. It’s a great feeling.

But it is also like running every leg of a relay race, never passing the baton to a teammate. At some point you get tired, and the other team passes you by.

By working with Rich and Sam, I have gained valuable insight into what it takes to produce a high quality, product. I can honestly say that Rich is a million times more talented and gifted as a voice actor than I ever could dream to be. Sam is also light years ahead of me as a graphic artist, writer, audiobook cover designer, and in her organization skills.

So, what makes perfectly good sense is to collaborate with people whose knowledge, skills, and abilities exceed mine. Ultimately, the quality of the work that is produced rises to a higher level than what a single individual working alone can achieve.

On this blog tour, my first ever, I obviously hope to promote my book, Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness. It’s a great book, on a number of levels, and I hope to share that with you on this blog tour.

I am open to answering any questions that you will allow me to answer honestly, from my own experience as an Entrepreneur. Yes, my thinking has evolved. I’m no longer a writer, or an author, or an independent publisher.

I have become a person who sees the big picture, how you have to continually expand your comfort zone so as to keep improving what you write, how you publish, and how you market your writing to readers.

These are the topics I want to discuss on this blog tour. You can come visit me, here, and I will provide the questions that we both want to talk about, or you can invite me to your blog, and we will have an unstructured talk, just make it up as we go along, and see what comes out of it.

Of course, if you want things to be a bit more formal, I can prepare some info in advance. Either way, I’m looking forward to being your host, and to visiting you on your blog.

The Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness Blog Tour is now officially underway.

The book will be free, no cost, a free download, this weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I kindly ask that you write a 5 star review, saying that my book is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and you can’t wait to get your hands on the audiobook that will be soon coming out, very soon.

Please, show me some LOVE and write an Honest Customer Review on Amazon. Help me to give this book the level of success that it deserves, since an amazing collaboration of writer, voice actor, and cover designer has come together to help this book to reach a higher level of quality.

See you soon.

Don’t forget, you are invited to my blog, to talk about your book(s), and I hope you will invite me to your blog, to talk about the greatest book since sliced bread, namely, my book, “Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness”, and the audiobook that is coming out very soon.

Please invite me to your blog. I feel so lonely all by myself!


About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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