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Rich Crankshaw is an extremely dedicated and motivated, highly skilled and talented professional, experienced, voice actor. In fact, he has almost 25 years of experience. After collaborating with Rich on this audiobook project, I sincerely feel those words accurately describe his knowledge, skills, abilities, and above all, his work ethic.

His work met and exceeded all of my wildest expectations about what a voice actor should know, should do and should be like. I would say that he sets a high standard which could be used to judge the professionalism of any voice actor in his field. I would call it the 3RC standards:

Standard 1: Be like Rich
Standard 2: Do like Rich
Standard 3: Know like Rich

He has a wide range of voices at his disposal, from the very young to the very old and every age and gender in between. His extraordinary talent literally transforms my book, Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness, from just another lovable book written for the whole family, into a delightful, delicious, magical, mythical and marvelous listening experience for the whole family.

This is a feel-good story, and Rich makes a contribution which literally brings this entire range of human emotions to life. This book makes you feel good, and Rich plays a tremendous role in achieving that transformation of sentimentality from the written word to the spoken word and into human emotion. Here is what Rich had to say about the book upon completion of recording:

Richard Crankshaw (Quote): “Good old fashioned story telling without sex and unnecessary violence and all the morally questionable desires our society seems to love these days. I often discuss with people, comedians in particular, this issue, and I ask them:

Is it absolutely necessary to swim in the gutter when being creative?

Is that even being creative?

Is it an insult to the audience to automatically assume they will only want to hear cursing and perversion?

I feel the level of creativity is far greater when adhering to a moral standard…” – Rich Crankshaw (end of quote)

Before we go further, let me take a moment to share with you what reviewers have been saying about this book. I have one very special person whose opinion I value highly, a writer, author, reviewer, and entrepreneur, Mrs. Dolores Ayotte.

Now, let me tell you that out of 12 reviews for my book, 11 have been 5-star reviews, and only one review was a 4-star review. That’s amazing for a relatively unknown author like myself!

I want to share with you, dear reader, what Dolores wrote.

Mrs. Dolores Ayotte, herself a book reviewer and inspirational author of “Growing Up and Liking It“, among other books.

I wanted the voice and the opinion of an expert. So, I provided her with a free copy of the book, and asked her for her honest opinion of the book. Her review is recent, dated October 18, 2013. Here is what she wrote about Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness:

Dolores Ayotte: “Talented Author Thomas Jerome Baker has penned a delightful book for all ages full of magic, mysticism, and make-believe. Each tale is expertly told and intertwined with the previous one in order to better explain and teach “Little One” some life experience. He is a rapt audience and absorbs all the information provided. The exchange is so personal that it could be any one of us that the storyteller is talking to…

In my opinion, this author is a present day raconteur who taps into his own imagination and uses his gift to spur on the desire to learn in both children and the young at heart. “Little One” starts off by hearing about Cloud Number Nine “the cloud of Joy and Happiness” which is comprised of “mythical, mystical, magical” elements. “Little One” is also very enamored by the storyteller and readily eats up every word of the stories being told. The storyteller is forever the teacher and adeptly uses the art of questions and answers to reinforce the educational opportunity for the attentive listener. Repetition….response….recapitulation…all great teaching tools for the storyteller to reinforce the learning experience for “Little One”. From the Leprechauns who now live on Mother Earth to the celestial children Deucalion and Pyrrha who live on Cloud Number Nine, the reading audience is drawn more and more into the well described magical world found in this wonderful book.

Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness” is most enjoyable and is sure to bring much pleasure to its young reading audience. Whether folklore, fairy-tale, fact or fiction…a gifted story teller knows exactly how to mix and blend his tales to achieve his goal. Author Thomas Baker has done a fine job of doing just that. Yes indeed…he is a present day raconteur “a person who tells anecdotes in a skilful and amusing way” and in my opinion, with a captivating message which is sure to entertain many a reader!” (end of review)

5-Star Review ***** She loved it…

Where were we?

Rich is a trained, professional, expert voice actor.

His unique abilities will take you out of your present reality and accompany you as you travel back to a more pleasant time and place.

This is the time and place when we sat at the foot of our first storytellers, and listened to stories in awe and amazement as the beautiful story unfolded in our imagination, carried to us by the captivating sound of the human voice.

Rich has a tremendous variety of voices that he is capable of performing. First of all, Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness, will be his 14th narrated audiobook. That adds up to a tremendous number of hours in the recording studio and ultimately, a correspondingly high level of technical expertise and experience which Rich has at his fingertips to use for the production of this book.

His previous audiobook work includes historical fiction, drama, thriller, horror, science fiction, romance, vampire, western, etc. This wide diversity of experience is only a part of what he brought with him to this project, however. There’s more.

Richard Crankshaw “Voice Resume / Curriculum Vitae”

Voice description:

Warm and Friendly , announcer , casual , wry dry and sarcastic , natural , guy next door , Character acting , impersonations , animation , cartoon , dialog , real voice , real character , movie trailer , mystery.

Voice experience:

Voice of Jacky Chan Sound-a-like , S2 games , heroes of New Earth .The voice of Count Dracula for Frogwares ” Dracula Love Kills” game . Captain Morgan from Golden Trails 2 casual game . Multiple Characters for Phome apps and e-learning software . The voice for Bodog .Currently Host and producer of The Epoch Times Pod cast hosted at theepochtimes , and host of SOH Network’s ” Asia Cast” . Providing multiple character voice overs for Cartoongems . Sammy the screaming roid character for Spaloo . narrator for ” A decade of Courage ” documentary . The voice of captain Dodge on The Pathfinders series at promoting the video game metal of honor, Airborne.

Voice Training:

Have attended workshops and received valuable coaching from Bob Bergen , the voice of the ” Porky the Pig” , and countless animations , and received coaching from Casting Director/voice coach/voice actor Mary Lynn Wissner
A graduate of The New School of Contemporary Radio and TV 1991. Has worked for Various radio stations, all air shifts plus production time. Voice overs and producing since 2003 , experienced with many industry applications such as protool, adobe, etc…

Additional Skills:

Rich: “Regarding additional skills relating to voice over, the most important quality would be professionalism, and reliability. Something instilled into me at the age of 18. Shortly after my time in the Army, I began a five year run on the road working for recoring artists.

I worked for quite a few acts, BTO, Foghat, The Outlaws, some heavy metal bands LA Guns. AC/DC on the first leg of their Blow Up Your Video tour. During my touring days I did it all, set up the stage, tuned guitars, drum tech, pyrotechnics and merchandise. Again a strict professional environment, “The show must go on”.

While developing my skills as a broadcaster over the past 15 years I worked in restaurants. I have been able to achieve chef status without culinary training, all on-the-job training. I have been in some very busy and very professional kitchens. I have a great ability to perform under pressure.

Athletics has also been a big part of my life. Baseball, Football, Martial art’s. Athletics and other professional situations have given me a great ability to focus. I am able to use this ability with my voice work. I am forever thriving to improve my life and my skills.”

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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