Why Listen to a Book? Listening to an audiobook versus reading a book: Which would you prefer?

The question is an interesting one, both questions, in fact. The answers are just as equally interesting as the questions:

Rachelle Gould-Harris writes:

“Audio, because it frees me up to do other things while I listen.”

Anne Cerstvik Nolan writes:

“I like them all! On my lunch hour I read an ebook on my tablet while I eat my lunch. I might listen to an audiobook while commuting back and forth to work or on a long trip in the car or on a plane. I grew up loving print books, began working in libraries in the mid-seventies, and became a librarian in the mid-eighties, so I’ve seen everything change and grow. I have my favourite print books that I will never let go of, but when I go on vacation, there is nothing like having a dozen ebooks on my tablet instead of in my suitcase!”

Deborah Kemp writes:

“I prefer to read!”

Robert Famularo writes:

“In order of preference, it would have to be print books, then ebooks, followed distantly by audio books. Obviously, in my opinion, nothing beats holding a book in your hand. It’s the ultimate in relaxation and escapism for me.”

Finally, what about you?

What’s your opinion?

Why listen to a book?

What do you prefer: printed book, ebook, or audiobook?

Click this link to read more opinions.

Most of us will surely point out that each form of enjoying a book is valid. Let’s point this out now:

1. Readers who enjoy reading printed books will find a way to get their hands on printed books.

2. Readers who prefer digital books will find a way to get digital books to read.

3. Finally, listening to a book instead of physically reading also has its advantages, chief among them being it makes you more productive by freeing you up to do something else while you are reading.

Here we can easily see that audiobooks are the solution that many people with busy schedules are looking for to add more relaxation, enjoyment, and personal growth in their lives.

Audiobooks give you time to enjoy a good book

Audiobooks make time you are already spending more satisfying and productive.

Listening to a book not only creates new time in your schedule to enjoy books—it also allows you to get more pleasure and learning out of time you were already spending.

Books are a terrific source of both entertainment and education, but with today’s busy schedules many people can’t seem to find the time for a good book.

Audiobooks give you more time in your day by essentially doubling what you can do in the same period of time.

Everyone loves to read a good book, but when you sit down to read a book you are committing your time to simply reading.

When you listen to a book you are able to do two things at once.

For many people who can’t find enough time in their day, listening to an audiobook is the perfect solution.

Time Benefits

Here are some examples where an audio book not only gives you time for a good book, but also makes the time you were already spending more enjoyable and productive:

Go jogging while you listen to a good book—exercise both your body and your mind.

Do the dishes while you listen to a classic—you’re now completing a goal you haven’t been able to find time for, and even enjoying washing the dishes for once!

Enjoy commuting. Driving your car to work is no longer a hassle. Before audiobooks, the trip seemed only to use up time and gas—Now you forget to honk at the car driving 5mph slower than the speed limit and almost appreciate the occasional red light or traffic jam because they now mean that you can listen to the story a little longer.

Family vacations are always fun—but the four hour drive to get there makes you want to pull your hair out. The children are squirming in their seats, poking and annoying each other, and every other minute they seem to ask “Are we there yet?”

Now you can enjoy every minute of the drive while you and your children sit enthralled in a good book.

The drive can become an anticipated part of the vacation when the family (including the driver) spends quality time sharing the experience and adventure of a great book together. The hours never went by so fast.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, audio books provide a way to enrich your life. Spend your time laughing and learning while you work.

Narrators Add More

Audio books also have the advantage of being read by professional narrators. The best narrators (also called voice actors) add something new to the book as they read it, making it even more enjoyable.

Perhaps it’s the way they phrase Shakespeare’s old-English. For the first time you understand what the famous Bard was writing about.

The Mystery is more mysterious, the Thriller more thrilling, the Drama is more dramatic, and the Fantasy is more fantastical.

Even Comedy is funnier because the voice and timing is just right.

Audiobooks Today

The growing choices in smart phones and mp3 players that are available to everyone, the increasing wealth of digital download audiobook titles, and new intelligent book player software make finding and listening to an audiobook easier today than ever before.

Time For a Good Book

Listen to an audiobook today.

Find out for yourself why audio books are loved by so many people.

Whatever type of book you enjoy, whether you most like to improve your education, skills, business, or success; or you love a great adventure, a thriller, a mystery, or romance; you will find that it is available in an audiobook, and that you do have time for a good book.

Source: Amblingbooks

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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