@AUTHORSdB: The ‘Official’ Authors Database – Get Listed! #FREE FOR LIFE!


Are you an author? It doesn’t matter if you are traditional published or indie (like me). Why? I’d like to introduce you to a phenomenal site I only recently discovered. It’s called, “AUTHORSdB.”

Firstly, it’s a place where “Great Readers Find Great Authors.” If you enjoy reading books, then you need a place where you can find Great Authors.

Now, I’m not talking about J. K. Rowling or Stephen King. Those kinds of writers will never be able to hide, because everyone knows where to find them. The great authors I’m talking about are the ones who are not household names, yet have written some outstanding books, that are in many cases, equal to, above, or even beyond the quality of work produced by Rowling, King, and their other more famous colleagues.

Great writers just write.

If they are lucky, they sell enough copies of their work to keep them writing without taking a day job. Others, despite their talent, are not so lucky. So, they work during the day (or night), and in their free time, when they are not working, they are writing. That’s when they produce their Great Literature, for you and I to enjoy.

To find these Great Writers, normally, you would depend on word of mouth. They would say something like, “Check out Thomas Jerome Baker on AUTHORSdB. He’s a Great Writer. The guy can write well in any genre. He’s got an Audiobook coming out soon, called Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness. It’s narrated by a professional voice actor, Mr. Rich Crankshaw. The cover is amazing. It was designed by a talented author / cover designer / graphic artist, Ms. Samantha Fury. You got to check it out my friend.”

Now you are interested, right?. You can’t wait to check it out, because you really trust your friend to give you tips on Great Books. So you buy the book.

Then you would read, become a fan, and repeat the recommendation to one of your friends. Now, let’s be honest, that’s an extremely slow process that relies heavily on Lady Luck, Good Fortune, to be smiling upon you. So, the question is this: Can we increase the odds of a Great Writer being discovered?

Yes We Can.

What AUTHORSdB does is increase the chances of GREAT READERS finding GREAT AUTHORS to rave about to your friends. As of October 25, 2013, they now have over three thousand, three hundred and fifteen (3315) Registered Members & Growing Daily.

Why not check them out today?

Oh, and if you are a GREAT AUTHOR, join today. It’s free (for life), and it is easy. I’m already on AUTHORSdB <== Click that link to check me out!

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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