My #ACX_com #Audiobook #Story, or, ★★★★★Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness ★★★★★ Available Anyway You Want It (Looking For Book Reviewers – #FREE Book)

I always write about topics in which my knowledge is personal, intimate, and first-hand. That’s what I call my “Passion Formula“. If I’m not passionate about the topic, then I don’t write about it.

This is important as I come to the production of my first Audiobook. Audiobooks are a $$$Billion dollar industry. So we must ask: Why do people enjoy listening to audiobooks?

Audiobooks allow people who lead busy lives to multitask, to jog, to enjoy their daily commute or long distance travel and relax while listening to a book. Audiobooks help us to be more efficient (do two things at once). Audiobooks help us to relax. Audiobooks help us to entertain ourselves when we are on a plane, train, subway, or on a long trip by bus or car.

Thanks to, authors like me don’t have to narrate our own books (although many prefer to narrate their own books). has professional voice actors available who can narrate your story.

The voice actor who ultimately expressed interest in narrating my book, Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness, is Mr. Rich Crankshaw. When you listen to his audition, you will surely agree that he is absolutely amazing.

After listening to him, I am sure you will say that Rich’s voice transforms Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness into something magical, mystical and marvelous that is above the level of the story itself. There is simply no other person who I can imagine breathing life into this story than him.

Here’s what Rich (and many book reviewers with similar comments), had to say about Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness (the book).

“Good old fashioned story telling without sex and unnecessary violence and all the morally questionable desires our society seems to love these days. I often discuss with people, comedians in particular: Is it absolutely nessasary to swim in the gutter when being creative? Is that even being creative? Is it an insult to the audience to automatically assume they will only want to hear cursing and perversion?

I feel the level of creativity is far greater when adhering to a moral standard, as apposed to just spewing trash. Thats just my thinking.” ~ Rich Crankshaw

So far, we have looked at how I approach writing fiction and nonfiction, namely, it must be personal and intimate for me. I must know what I’m talking about. I must care about my topic. I must be authentic and genuinely passionate. That truly sums up all of my writing.

Next, we looked at what a highly skilled, professional voice actor can do for a story. Besides having professional qualifications, we have seen that Rich brings something extra to this story that makes it special.

Like me, he is also a passionate and a firm believer in the viability and goodness of this story. Rich doesn’t believe that what the public wants to read is more sex, violence and profanity. We are not naive, however. We know there is a place for adult literature.

Nonetheless, there is also a place for story telling that is entertaining and creative, but also clean. There is a place for the kind of story that the whole family can read, enjoy, and discuss with grandmother, a neighbor, or a co-worker without being embarrassed. This is the kind of book you can recommend to anybody, without reservation or preconditions.

Rich Crankshaw cares about this book he is narrating. This fact elevates his performance to a higher level than if he were simply “doing his job” without any emotional attachment.

Thirdly, in terms of book promotion, this audiobook has two essential elements. The first is the cover art, which was redesigned by Samantha Fury (a multi-talented author and Audiobook Cover Designer / graphic artist) to be as attractive and aesthetically expressive as possible.

The audiobook cover must attract the listener / reader’s attention much as a beautiful woman would attract attention in a sea of beautiful women, namely by being uniquely expressive.

The cover she has designed is absolutely gorgeous, stunning in its simplicity but reaching out to readers of all ages, from 8 to 80, no, all the way to 100 and beyond.

The cover promises a story that will be surprising and fun, enjoyable on a number of emotional levels for readers of all ages.

Maybe it’s a parent reading to a child at bedtime, a pre-teen / teen reading for personal enjoyment (middle-grade), or an adult reading for pleasure. This book has multiple layers and perspectives from which it can be read, with lessons to be learned, things to wonder at, and personal enjoyment available to all.

In sum, the writer has written, the narrator has narrated, and the artist has created a beautiful cover. Next comes the most important question.

What do the readers and reviewers say about this book?


The book has received fifteen (15) 5-Star reviews: (5 stars is the highest number of stars possible)

Here is only a sample below.

All fifteen reader reviews can be read by clicking this link:


Jesenia Sanabia: (Poet & Author) “In The Pursuit Of Happiness, is a mystically enchanting read for the whole family. Wonderfully written and creative. I could not put it down until I finished reading the whole book. Thomas used a creative writing strategy that keeps you focused and intrigued with the story.”

Shaina Cilimberg: ” I like the way Mr. Baker engages the reader by narrating as if Reader and Storyteller were having a conversation. It is sort of like the way C.S. Lewis writes.”

Sheryl: “…an enchanting and mystical tale that is well written. This book will touch your heart and soul.”

R. P. Rochford: (Essex, UK) “This is a captivating tale presented as told to a young child either by a parent or, in the narrative, a storyteller. Drawing on sagas, tales, mythology and ancient history this story leads the reader (and listener) on a journey back through time to when the world was young and cynicism had not yet become de rigeur for even the youngest child. Overall, I’d recommend this as excellent material for those cosy bedtimes where mum or dad reads junior a story on which they can drift off into sleep while dreaming of heroes, villains and mystical creatures.”

V. Bodurova (from Lincolnshire, UK): “Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness amazes with its unique style and I believe that’s a book for the whole family. The stories inside teach, unveil, intrigue and captivate your mind. The author tells the story of the never ending fight between good and bad, the fight within our souls, the darkness and the light. If we could be equal, why would we still fight each other? Will we ever believe that the power to change lies deep within us?”

Dolores Ayotte: (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)”Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness” is most enjoyable and is sure to bring much pleasure to its young reading audience. Whether folklore, fairy-tale, fact or fiction…a gifted story teller knows exactly how to mix and blend his tales to achieve his goal. Author Thomas Baker has done a fine job of doing just that. Yes indeed…he is a present day raconteur “a person who tells anecdotes in a skilful and amusing way” and in my opinion, with a captivating message which is sure to entertain many a reader!

Teacher, Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte
Growing Up & Liking It


If you would like to READ & REVIEW this book for FREE, please contact me for a FREE pdf copy of this book.

In exchange for the FREE pdf copy, I ask you to write an HONEST REVIEW.

You must have already written reviews on Amazon in the past. I’m sorry, but no First-Time reviewers please.

For your FREE pdf copy, contact me at this email: ==>

I look forward to sending you a copy of this book to READ, ENJOY & REVIEW.

I thank you kindly, in advance, for your time and for your generosity to help me promote this book by adding your voice to the other voices who have shared their reviews with the future readers and listeners so far.

As a reviewer, your participation will be ultimately responsible for any success this book may have. That is why I appeal directly to you, for your help and for your reviews of this book. Without your participation, again, no success is possible.

Thank You All, Everyone,

Thomas Jerome Baker

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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