The Identity of Amazon Anonymous Reviewer “Vell Bruixot” Has Been Identified: He Is A Bitter Old Man #ASMSG #BYNR #IAN1 #T4US #RaveReviewsBookClub #Amazon #Kindle

Prize for the silliest book ever written about Chile

The identity of anonymous Amazon Reviewer “Vell Bruixot” has been identified. He is an angry, bitter, old man, living alone (by his own admission in an online forum). What is remarkable is the ease with which Vell Bruixot’s true, real world, real life identity was found.

No help was recieved from Amazon. Amazon did not remove the book review of Vell Bruixot when it was reported. The continued presence of Vell Bruixot’s review is instructive. Despite the review being absolutely deceitful, making a false claim in the major claim Bruixot made, the review continues to stand.

Despite using every rhetorical trick of the trade to negatively persuade readers, including a vicious personal attack against the character of the author, the review continues to stand.

Despite clearly misinterpreting, misunderstanding and misrepresenting everything, Bruixot has not found the personal courage to admit his mistake, and at least, correct the mistake with a personal apology, or even erase his error by taking down the review, the review continues to stand.

That review is now a monument to Bruixot’s utter sense of infallibility, some might say, outright arrogance. It appears Bruixot believes nothing can be done, will be done, to hold him accountable. He considers a court of law to be a threat, nothing more. Surely, he reasons, Amazon will protect his identity, and in a world in which nobody knows your name, there is nothing to fear.

Except, Bruixot’s nightmare is only just beginning. We know your name, your address, your phone number, your blog, your email, your parents, your brothers, everything you thought nobody would ever know about you. And you were right, Amazon never said a word about you. They kept your identity a secret. They even kept your review posted, since it was so deliciously evident that the only person who would ever be held accountable, was not Amazon, but you.

Vell Bruixot, I have read your words about Chile, how you refer to Chile as a, “toy country”. I have read your newspaper articles, damning Chile for its “Socialist Party” that is responsible for everything bad in the country.

I have read your 1998 article, in which you claim you visited Chile on a motorcycle in 1978 and saw “body parts” alongside the highway in the Atacama Desert. As if that wasn’t enough, I read in that same article how you claim you thought you were going to be assassinated by a military officer, who instead of shooting you in the back of the head, asked you to send him a postcard from the United States.

I have read about your Millenium Motorcycle Tour in Chile. I have talked to people who remember meeting you. Your pictures and your story are unforgettable.

I have read how you transplanted yourself from the USA, coming to Chile after living in Germany, Spain and Mexico, shipping all your belongings in a container, and then paying a bribe of $800 dollars to get your container with all your earthly belongings through customs.

I have read how you had your house built in one of the most beautiful, and isolated areas on the planet. You arguably live in Paradise, yet to hear you describe it, it sounds like Hell on Earth.

Maybe it’s because you live alone out there, like a hermit, running away from something. You are a bitter, angry old man, living alone in a remote area of a country you completely hate. There is nobody in this world who you can convince that you love Chile, the country that has given you a home away from home.

You are lonely, bitter, old, and sad. Especially after being banned from every Expat internet forum you ever participated in. You have a bad habit of making, “ad hominem”, vicious personal attacks on people who do not share your negative point of view about things.

And now, Amazon is all you got, the only way you can make yourself important, in a destructive way. That, your secret & personal Blogspot blog that isn’t so secret after all (did you really think people would keep your blog secret?) and your occasional newspaper articles about how much Chile sucks, and is unable to govern itself properly, and how the people with legitimate concerns are looking for a hand-out instead of earning what they get.

Enough details. You can rest assured I have found you, R. R. Did you think I was going to rest before I found you? You put so much effort into being anonymous, while leaving a digital footprint that any 4th grader could follow. How did I find you, R.R.?

===> Google…

Now here’s something to think about. What if Amazon had required you to use your real name, use your real identity? Would you really have wanted the whole world to know how insulting and abusive you are? Would you really have reviewed my book, without ever reading it at all?

I think you would have at least thought twice about it. Anonymity, the ability to be abusive and insulting, and nobody would ever know it was you, proved to be too much of a temptation for you.

You are not alone, R.R. You are not alone. There are many people, mostly authors, who say Amazon could improve this sad state of affairs, anonymity, not enforcing their own policies about abusive reviews, but won’t do it.

Why should they, R.R? After all, when someone gets caught, it’s not Amazon, but you, who is responsible.

R. R., I have only used your initials. Although I am far from Patagonia, here in Santiago, I want you to know that I would travel to Hell, wearing gasoline drawers, if I had to, in order to bring you in front of a court of justice, so you can test out your theory about Chilean law allowing you to insult and defame, to desecrate another human beings dignity, in the “public interest.”

That’s your theory. You already know what evidence I will be presenting, your very own words. Nothing more, nothing less. My theory is that the preservation of human dignity is going to be a more compelling human right, than insulting and defaming a human being in, as you say, “the public interest.”

There is only one way you can avoid this nightmare scenario of being dragged into court on defamation of character charges.

You can apologise, and of course, you have the power to remove your review, take it down, because Amazon will not do it. They know it is your A$$ in the fire, not theirs…

Robert…(or is it “Roberto” after living so many years in Chile)?

Robert, or Roberto, or whatever you are calling yourself out there in that paradise you think of as hell, do not try my patience very long. I have outlined the only acceptable option for you: apologize and take down that review.

If you force my hand, international police will soon be looking for you, and they will find you, even in Patagonia. A man as abrasive, and rude, and abusive as you have been, has left many people behind more than happy to help bring you to justice. Time is running out on you…


About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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