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Books make great gifts. Why? According to a very wise man: “Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them.” Books inspire us, motivate us, thrill us, and most importantly, help us to be better people. So, give the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season. Here’s 5 good reasons to give someone you love a book this Christmas:

1. Books R Awesome – plain and simple.

2. Families can always find space for a book in their hearts.

3. Books R super easy to wrap.

4. The right book can be enjoyed by the entire family.

5. Books are treasured. They are kept, re-read and handed around and down through generations.

Need more reasons? Books inform us and delight us and they are “ready on demand,” just waiting on your book shelf for your next free moment. With that in mind, here is a list of a few titles that could make great gifts for readers on your list this year.

Looking For Catarina: A Love Story From Santiago de Chile to Florence, Italy.

An Italian-Chilean teacher of English travels From Santiago de Chile to Florence, Italy to celebrate New Years in his mother’s home country. What he will discover is a centuries-old love story that will defy his imagination. How this happens is a mystery that involves the paranormal and time travel. In the end, this is a poetic, mystical and magical tale of the true nature of love. It is the dilemma that every love story from the beginning of time has been faced with, namely: How long are you willing to wait for the one you love? Read this book for the surprising answer to that question…

Boudicca: Her Story.
Who was Queen Boudicca? Boudicca was the Warrior Queen of the ancient Iceni tribe. She is arguably England’s first, famous, female ruler. Tacitus, the Roman historian, writing over 30 years after the events he records, tells us she was a loving and devoted wife, obedient yet fully emancipated, loyal to her people, a loving mother, a determined foe, a fierce warrior in battle, and someone who never accepted defeat.

For some, Queen Boudicca will be forever surreal, a legend, a myth, a mystical person created by Tacitus. Others will see her through a practical, more historical lens, as a barbarian, warlike, incapable of peacefully compromising with the Romans for the greater good of all. For some, she will be a ruthless, vengeful, bloodthirsty woman. Indeed, how much blood must flow when a wrong is committed against your family and your people? The only one who could properly answer this question is the one who has suffered at the hands of the wrongdoer, the oppressor. We have been told the Roman story, the victor. What might the loser’s story be, if it were to be told?

Alexis Sanchez: The Beautiful Game: Poetry In Motion.

A quick, entertaining story about a super star in The Beautiful Game! The energy and the enthusiasm for the man and the game comes through in this inspiring tale of an athlete who gives his all to the game and, in turn, thrills fans around the world. There’s an almost athletic pace to the telling of this story that captures and conveys the joy soccer brings to “aficionados” and occasional viewers who tune in when the World Cup is at stake. The links included in the book is a bonus, a chance to see for yourself—poetry in motion.

Meet Me In Memphis: A Story of True Love.

This is a story of true love, a love story, a tale of serendipitous romance and fortuitous misfortune. It’s got a familiar feel, mixing in the culture of two nations, and two world-renowned cities, Memphis and Santiago. A romance needs beauty, and this book has the mythological beauty of a goddess present within its pages. And to make it complete, there’s a courageous teacher of English, with a dilemma, with a choice to make, a difficult decision to deliver. A word of caution: The reading of this book will cause you to feel the need to travel, to go “Walking in Memphis”, to enjoy the culture and customs, the music and the food, soul food. Why not try a delicious pecan pie while you are in Memphis?

Bilingual in Chile: An Impossible Dream?

Thomas Jerome Baker’s “Bilingual in Chile:: An Impossible Dream?” is well-researched, easy to follow and inspiring. I applaud the author for dedicating this book to all English language teachers and students and for his passion that clearly comes across. Very interesting to learn how bilingual minds work more efficiently.

Mr. Baker is able to explain what will make the people from different parts of the world, not just from Chile more self-sufficient by being able to communicate in English.This is such an inspiring subject, life changing, I am certain.

Quote ~ “When you make bilingualism a way of life. As a way of life, it becomes transformative. It transforms the possibilities for social, economic, and personal success. Doors that were previously closed are suddenly open.”

Ebola Virus Disease: From Epidemic To Pandemic: What You Should Know.

Quote ~ U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power: “Ebola has no greater friend than fear. The virus thrives on it. We see fear in the affected countries…

It is fear that leads community members to stigmatize survivors of the virus, or the relatives of those who have died, or even the health professionals and other people aiding in the response…

A 24-year-old survivor in Guinea told me she had lived three lives: her life before Ebola; her life in the hell of her infection; and her life since recovering. She said the stigma she has suffered since beating Ebola has made her current life the hardest.

All over the world, governments and our fellow citizens are afraid that if we send doctors or nurses or soldiers or engineers or other volunteers to the affected countries, we will put our own communities at risk… The fear is understandable. Many of our countries, like those most affected, are dealing with Ebola for the first time, and it is a dangerous and terrifying virus…

We must ask ourselves: twenty years from now, when we look back on this historic crossroads, will we want to say we left this fight to the people of the affected countries?

Will we want to say we did not act because we thought others would win the fight without our help?

Will we want to admit that fear held us back?

If we will not want to give these answers when we are asked in twenty years – and make no mistake, we will all be asked – we have to do more.” (end of quote)


About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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