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Teek and Angel Kyle and their cousins, Troi and Keisha are beautiful and talented girls on the verge of living exciting lives. That is until their charmed lives take an unforeseen turn that forces them to leave their home. The girls find themselves living in a strange city with family they barely know. Although they each try to make the best of the situation, being so far away from home and their parents begins to take its toll on them.

One cousin has a deep secret she feels she must protect while another betrays her family in the worst way. The innocence, family bond and trust they share are quickly destroyed…some by their own doing. In the midst of the chaos and turmoil of their young adulthood, each girl tries desperately to find out who they are and are meant to be before they lose everything. And so the saga begins….

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bangin!!!, October 7, 2013
I found this book to be very interesting and different from what I expected it to be. The story begins with the four cousins, Teek, Angel, Troi and Keisha living their lives happily at home. However, they soon run up against bullies who cause all kinds of drama for them. The girls have a huge fight with their enemies which results in them being sent away from home. That’s when the real drama begins.
Although Angel is kind of ok with being there, the others aren’t pleased at all. They begin to act out in different ways. Teek shuts down but that’s mostly because she has a huge secret. Angel falls for a guy named Kelly and begins to change and becomes dependent on him. Keisha falls for his brother Dre` but he’s not really feeling her like that. Troi is the one who hates being there the most. She hate’s Karen, the other’s aunt, and she does everything she can to make Karen’s life miserable; including coming on to Karen’s husband Tim. But the biggest kicker is that Troi also goes after Dre`, regardless of Keisha’s feelings for him.
This story for me was unpredictable. Everytime I thought I knew where it was going, Ms. Coleman took it in a different, unexpected direction. Her take on this story was very refreshing and, the cliffhanger was something I didn’t see coming! I can’t wait to read part two. I would say this is definitely a MUST read.


Book Review 5.0 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by Thomas Jerome Baker
Author of “How To Coach A Debate Team

I received a complimentary copy of this book, “Shattered Innocence,”  by Denise Coleman, in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. Having said that, I enjoyed this book thoroughly. This is the real deal. If you enjoy reading authentic, African Amerian urban literature, you will be pleased with this book.

Right from the start, the language is written almost as if Author Denise Coleman were recording the language rather than writing it. The rhyme and the rhythm, the flow, the ellsions, the stops, starts and restarts are in place. This is recognizable to anybody who has their linguistic roots in the African American community.

Ms. Coleman’s writing performance is masterful. She’s got the language right. It sounds good. It feels good. And if it feels good, go with it. Let it flow.

Not only that, but she’s also got the protagonists and the plot right. There’s drama everywhere, behind each turn of the page you find drama and you also find, metaphorically speaking, “dramatis personæ”. Indeed, Coleman has created a very satisfying cast of well developed, dynamic, and convincing characters. I am not going to go further into plot because the reviewer called, “white girl cheryl” has obviously read the same book I did. I am in full agreement with her when she called this book a “MUST READ”. The story is exquisitely well-written.

I would compare Ms. Coleman’s writing with two other writers I have been reading lately. I have in mind Janice Ross‘ (“Damaged Girls“) and Selena Haskins’ (“A River Moves Forward“). All three of these African American authors, Denise, Janice and Selena, are compelling, creative, and profoundly culturally competent. They have written the kind of stories that appeal to both women and men.

It is social commentary of our times, and of our culture in particular. Men can easily find themselves in these stories, just as women can. It’s easy to relate to the struggles, the hopes, the dreams, the joy and the pain of the protagonists.

There is someone to care about, someone to love, someone to depise, and someone to hate. As I said before, this is masterfully well written. In the future, I will definitely be reading more from this author, Ms. Denise R. Coleman. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Thomas Jerome Baker
Author of “How To Coach A Debate Team

Shattered Innocence: The Beginning


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Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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