#ASMSG #BookReview: Katskin, by April Thomas

                                 by April Thomas


Kat-skin is a retelling of a classic American fairy tale 
A father loses his grip on reality after his wife dies. 
It's an uncommon fairy tale. 
You will never see Disney create a movie out of it.
That is why I fell in love with it. 
However, I had to put my own twists and turns in it...

5.0 out of 5 stars

Book Review

I literally stumbled across this book.
I was browsing in the mythology section.

The cover artwork is three dimensional:
Colorful, Creative, and Captivating. 
It invites you to interpret the image.
What could it be?
The image, in relation to the book's title, KatSkin, 
is intriguing, engrossing, entertaining. 

I have become actively engaged through the visual sense.
My curiosity is engaged.
Was I right?
Is this metaphysical? Yes, it is.
Is this paranormal? Yes, it is.
Is this about cats? Yes, it is. (Kind of)

Trust me.
What? You don't trust me?

To find out, I began to turn the pages. 

The book defies prediction.
It's unpredictable.
What appears to be a tale of tragedy is not as it appears. 
So be brave, and read on.

Even when you think you know where the book is heading. 
Take my word for it. 

Be brave, and read on.

This book is not going where you think it is going. 

Judge this book only after you have turned the very last page.

KatSkin starts out tragically, with the death of Stephanie.
She dies in childbirth. 
That's tragic.

Tragedy can make you crazy.
Trust me.

Tragic events are hard to deal with.

It can make you try to live in the past to avoid the present.
It can make you blind to new opportunity.

Even when new opportunity is standing right in front of us.
Under our noses, we can't see new opportunity.
That's tragedy for you.

Where was I? Oh, I got it. Stephanie. Childbirth.

Anyway, Stephanie is dying.

Just before she dies, her husband makes a promise to her.

Ivan, her husband, promises never to love another woman... 

Unless that woman is as beautiful as Stephanie is.

Ivan is heartbroken.
He is in grief, deep in grief.
He is hurting.
He is unable to bear the sight of his newborn daughter. 
He won't even, he can't even, hold the baby.

His daughter, Summer, is raised by his faithful servants. 

Ivan is a very busy man, rich, powerful, and successful. 

He never even sees his daughter.
He denies her a father.
He never even sees his dauughter. 

Literally and metaphorically, until she is 16, he never sees her.
But when he does see her, he really sees her.

She reminds him of someone he knew once.

Summer, his daughter, reminds him of Stephanie.

Summer looks exactly like his wife, Stephanie. 


Ivan decides to marry...Summer...his daughter...

That is the point in which I almost stopped reading this book. 
My sense of morality and decency was outraged. 
How dare the author, April Thomas, suck me into this book... 
and then turn it into something so abominable? 

Pissed off, I decided to finish reading the book... 
and then write a scorching book review.
It would make even Donald Trump look like a choir boy. 

I was going to invent some new words for Author April Thomas.

Harsh words to hit April Thomas over the head with. 

After all, she deserved it, didn't she? How dare you???

So, I read on. 

And on. and on....and on...until I turned the very last page. 

The book is brilliant. 
And yes, Disney may never make a movie of this book.

That will be Disney's loss. 

Pixar, on the other hand, they will go for this.
Anyway, Katskin is well deserving of the 5 stars I rate this book at.

I predict you will enjoy this book. 
Do you like a mixed genre type book?
This one includes traditional fairy tale 
(Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast), 
(Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood), 
paranormal, mythology, romance, and historical fiction. 

April Thomas does an astounding job. Amazing. Masterful.
She brings all of these mixed genre elements into a coherent whole.

As I said before, judge not in haste.
Judge this book only after you have turned the very last page. 
Otherwise, you will have been delightfully deceived...  
5 Stars, and well done, April Thomas...

Reviewed by Thomas Jerome Baker
Author of Black History Is American History: A Great Debate

                                    April Thomas


About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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