#ASMSG A Book Is A #Gift You Open Again & Again & Again


Emily & Davids Quest A Saga of the Ancient Family Trilogy

“What Is A Book?”

A Gift You Open Again & Again & Again ~ Thomas Baker

A Dream You Hold In Your Hands ~ Neil Gaiman


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***** Coming Out May 15th, 2016 *****

Chapter 1: Excerpt

Emily opened her eyes. She had been to the place of dreams, where she had dreamed the Dream of Dreams. She dreamed of her mother, Morgana, the Story Teller. She dreamed of her father, Solomon, the greatest Story Teller who had ever lived. 

She had known the man with the long, white flowing beard was her father, Solomon.

Solomon had had no words for her. He had killed her.

Why? She knew not. She could not explain why. She only knew she was dead. But if she was dead, where was she now? This place was neither Elysium nor Underworld. She was neither here nor there.

Morgana had told her that when the Dream of Dreams is dreamed, there are no more stories to be told.

Then why did Emily still have stories to tell? She had seen her name written in the book. She had dreamed the last dream when Solomon closed the stories in her mind.

So why did she still have stories to tell?

“Where am I?” she wondered aloud.

“Here”, she heard a voice say. “I found you on the battlefield and brought you to this cave.”

“Who are you?”, Emily asked, opening her eyes to look at a tall boy, who she instantly knew was her brother, David, before he told her who he was.

“I am David.”

Emily & Davids Quest A Saga of the Ancient Family Trilogy

You are my brother”, said Emily without a moment’s hesitation. Then she heard an angelic voice speak to her.

“David is your half-brother,” said Lanisha in a sweet and gentle voice. “Solomon, the Story Teller, is your father. He is also David’s father. I am Lanisha. I am David’s mother, and his Guardian Angel.”

“Where is my mother?” asked Emily.

“Your mother is in Elysium, with Solomon.

Solomon and Morgana have dreamed the Dream of Dreams.

They have sung the Song of Songs.

They have left this world.

They will tell stories forever no more.”

“I have dreamed the Dream of Dreams also”, said Emily. “Why am I still here? How is that possible? asked Emily.




*****Coming May 15th, 2016*****


Coming Out May 15th, 2016 – Preorder Today! Reserve Your Copy Early!

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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