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Emily & David’s Quest is book 3 in Thomas Jerome Baker’s “Story Tellers trilogy”. For convenience, Book 1 and Book 2 were boxed up together under the title of Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness. Each book in the trilogy can be read alone.

If you missed Book One, you are able to enjoy Book Two without feeling like you have missed out on some information that explains who a character is or why they are behaving in a certain way. With Book Three, Emily & David’s Quest, you are able to enjoy the book also as a standalone. A healthy willingness to start out on a journey with David and Emily is all that you will need.

We care about the outcome of their quest because the stakes are high. No less than the fate of the world is what our protagonists are fighting for. The antagonist, Alicia the Sorceress, is a very powerful foe. She has the beasts and demons of the Underworld on her side. All that David and Emily have on their side is David’s stories and Emily’s courage. As you can see, the battle is hugely uneven.

This final book will weave legend and folklore, religion and fantasy, fiction and reality, fairy tale, time travel and paranormal into its texture. The book uses characters and events that a Christian will have no trouble recognizing.

This will give readers a sense of familiarity with the story as you turn page after page. Most importantly, it provides a frame of reference from which to predict what might be on the next page. My plan is to delightfully deceive you throughout the course of the book.

From all the different genres that have gone into the writing of this genre busting book, you have a right to expect the unexpected. You must predict the unpredictable in order to anticipate what might be on the next page of the book.

Will children enjoy reading this book, or is it strictly for adults? Books one and two is the starting point for a child reader of 10 years. David, our hero, was but a boy sitting at the feet of his father in the early days of the trilogy.

We met Emily and her mother, Morgana, in Book two. In Book 3, David and Emily are now 18 years of age, and they have the task of saving the world.

So, teens from 14 up would be at ease reading the story beginning at Book 3, but younger than 14 I would not recommend. There is no previous engagement with our protagonists, and that makes it hard for a reader under 14 to identify with the characters who are most near their age, Emily and David.

Under 14?  It would be best to read the previous book, or there is the option to listen to the audiobook. The quality is fantastic. It was recorded by a professional voice actor, Mr. Richard Crankshaw. Mr. Crankshaw is a talented and gifted voice actor who has a long list of accomplishments in his distinguished career.

984289_ehwhebupAnyway, the twists and turns the story takes will keep readers guessing to the very surprising end. As you turn the final page, you discover the power of love.

Love is never easy, if you can trust my experience on this topic. If you will believe in the power of redemptive love, however, this book will be in good hands.

Why? It’s because redemptive love is all about second chances. Second chances are important to humans, because without second chances, the world we live in today would be quite different than it is today.

Why did I write this book?

Now that’s a very good question.

As the author, I wanted to write a story that brings together the stories we were told as children. We told our stories to our children, and they in turn will do the same.

With each new telling and retelling, the storyteller takes ownership of his or her lived experience. Some of this is what we call “faith”, our religious beliefs. Some of this is what we call “hope”, our audacity to imagine a world that is different than the one we live in now.

This is the source of our courage, the things we aspire to achieve at the risk of our lives. What would you do to save the world? What sacrifice would you make to save something that was very valuable, sacred even?

That is why I wrote this book, to explore what this could look like, and how it might express itself within the concept of self sacrifice. I hope you will enjoy the reading of Emily and David’s Quest. In some small measure, their quest will become your quest.

I ask you to #PreOrder your copy of this book. It is coming out on May 15th, 2016, and I hope you will take the time to write a review after you have read the book.

I do believe it will be a page turner, an unputdownable rapid read. I will appreciate your words of praise and your words of encouragement.

As an independent (Indie) author, your review is like gold to me. In the literal and the metaphorical sense, reviews help authors like me to become more visible and have our books more discoverable by readers.

Your comments about your reading experience will help me to ensure I continue to write books that you will want to read, to recommend, and to pass on to your chidren and grandchildren to read.

I thank you kindly in advance for your purchase and for your review.


About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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