#ASMSG AuthorInterview: Penelope (Penny) Marshall, Author of “Silver Moon: The Scent of Blood”


Thomas: This morning I’m here with Penelope (Penny) Marshall, author of “The Want Ad: Romantic Comedy”. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning Penny.

Penelope Marshall: Thank you for inviting me Thomas.

Tom: Penny, would you like a cup of coffee?

Penelope: Yes, that would be nice. Thank you.

Tom: Here you are. Do you take your coffee with cream and sugar?

Penelope: Yes, thanks.

Tom: One lump or two?

Penelope: One.

SILVER MOON: THE SCENT OF BLOOD: YOUNG ADULT NEW ADULT VAMPIRE WEREWOLF ROMANCETom: Penny, I’d like to start with something you wrote for your new book, “Silver Moon: The Scent of Blood“, and posted it to your Facebook page, where it first caught my eye.

Penelope: Yes, that’s fine with me.

984289_ehwhebupTom: (reading aloud) “It’s been said that love knows no bounds.

But perhaps there are forces in the world that keep love at bay.

Forces that work together to separate the gravitational pull of two souls meant to intertwine.

Would such forces be considered evil?

Or would such forces be of sullen heart; buried in the stench of scorn and betrayal?

After all, what is love but a chemical reaction induced by neurons and electrons banging against one another in some random fashion.

But what if love were predestined? Written in the book of life by an omniscient author.
What if love could be harnessed to raise armies…to sink ships?

Then love would no longer be a chance meeting in the meadows of life. Love would be a game played with pawns and castles, between Kings and Queens.

And sometimes…just sometimes, the players come veiled in myth and tale.
Such is the story of Rosaline…” (end of quote)

Tom: (looking at Penelope) That’s beautiful. It is lyrical, metaphorical, ephemeral, lingering. It provides ample evidence of a master craftsman at work Penny. There’s repetition, rhetorical question, alliteration, metaphor, allusion, a story embedded within a story.

Penelope: Thank you Thomas.

Thomas: Call me Tom please. (smiling)

Penelope: OK, Tom it is. (smiling)

Tom: Penny, where were we? Oh, please tell my readers about yourself and your books.

Penelope: Surprisingly, I started writing in January of this year.

Tom: You’re kidding me. Really?

Penelope: Yes, really. Having never written anything before that time, I was quite surprised at how much I loved it. My first short novel, The Want Ad, an interracial romantic comedy, is definitely not my best work, but I definitely learned so much from writing it.

Tom: Judging by what I just read, you have improved one thousand percent in a short period of time.

Penelope: Anyway, I now have five books under my belt, one of which was offered a contract by Limitless Publishing. Hopefully that book, “Black Unleashed”, an interracial military romance, will be out by the end of this year.

Tom: Penny, I’d like to know more about your newest book. First of all, let me say the cover is gorgeous. It looks so good I would buy the book just for the cover artwork alone. This cover gets my vote for The Cover of The Year Award. I haven’t seen a cover as attractive as this one in a long time.

Penny: Tom, you say that about all the book covers. (smiling)

Tom: Take my word for it, your cover is extraordinary. (smiling)

PENELOPE MARSHALLPenny: As I was saying, my newest book is called, Silver Moon: The Scent of Blood. Without giving too much away, this book is about a vampire who is about to marry a man she was promised to as a child. She is not happy about the impending marriage, as she longs for true love.

The kind of love that spurs wars and sinks ships. I completely enjoyed writing this book, because despite the cheesy effort I just made to summarize the book, it is actually the most romantic thing I have ever written.

Tom: You sold me. Where can I get a copy of that book at?

Penny: I’ll gift you a copy Tom.

Tom: You are so generous Penny. Thank you. I can’t wait to read it. Penny, talk to me about your writing process. How do you come up with your stories?

Penny: It’s pretty simple actually. I get an idea for a crazy plot twist and I write the story to match. This last book, however, is something I have been toying with for a while, but just recently got up enough courage to write.

Tom: What writers have had an influence on your writing style Penny?

Penny: Steinbeck, Shakespeare, and the Bible of course. Steinbeck’s approach to the human condition, Shakespeare’s fluidity, and the Bible’s ability to capture every aspect of the world (i.e. love, hate, money, power, suspense, murder, faith).

Tom: I am in total agreement with you on that Penny. Let’s shift gears and talk about entepreneurship. You have a great publisher ensuring that your covers are stunning, visually appealing, and your writing is superb. But that doesn’t sell a book all by itself. Tell me what you are doing to help promote your books please.

Penny: I only have my author page and my friend page to drum up interest!

Tom: I see. Well, let me invite you to join my author’s group, Independent Author’s Social Media Support Group (IASMSG). If ever a young author needed a support group, it’s you Penny.

The basic idea is for authors to support authors with ideas about how to use social media effectively to promote and market your books. It’s free, no cost and totally dependent on you. Basically, it’s a support group. You get out of it what you put into it.

Penny: Thank you. I am happy to be a part of your author’s group Tom.

Tom: We are happy to have you Penny. Could you tell my readers what book you are currently reading?

PENELOPE MARSHALLPenny: The Bible. The only book that holds my attention now-a-days.

Tom: Penny, I just wrote a book that you are going to positively enjoy. It’s called…

Penny: “Emily & David’s Quest: A Saga of The Ancient Family Trilogy”.

Tom: (stunned) How did you know that?

Penny: (smiling) I supported your social media Book Launch Campaign on the HeadTalker web page.

Tom: You are amazing…and a fast learner. Penny, let me change the topic here. I’d like you to look into the camera. About 3 0’clock. Perfect. Now, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. If your Mom were here with us, what would you say to her?

Penny speaks to her Mom

To my mother, the woman I see more and more of everyday in my own reflection. Thank you for every silent lesson. I am the woman I am today because of your steady example. I love you with all my heart and soul.


Mothers Day

Tom: Penny, before we wrap up this interview, I have one last question to ask you. First, I’d like you to close your eyes. Go ahead…. No peeking… Good.

Now imagine you can feel the warm sun on your skin. A summer breeze is gently blowing through the coconut trees. Overhead, you hear the lazy cry of a seagull in flight.

Penny: Where am I? On the beach?

Tom: Not exactly. You’re stranded on a desert island Penny.

Penny: How did I get here?

Tom: Magic, Penny. (smiling as I say this) You’ve been reading something. In your right hand, you have a book. Tell me what you have been reading Penny.

Penny: The Bible. The book of Genesis. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden…

Tom: Paradise on Earth. Thank you for this interview Penny. I have thoroughly enjoyed your company.

Penny: Thank you for inviting me Tom.

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Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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