Emily & David’s Quest: (The Holy Grail) A Saga of the Ancient Family Trilogy

Emily & David’s Quest: (The Holy Grail) A Saga of the Ancient Family Trilogy is a Quest for the Holy Grail, the blood of Jesus Christ himself. At stake is the fate of the world. Set in a cave in Valencia, Spain, in Glastonbury, England, and the very bowels of the Underworld, it is dialogue driven, fast paced, and unpredictable.

The protagonists, Emily and David, must race against time to find the Holy Grail before Alicia, the Sorceress, finds it. Alicia has dragons and demons from the Underworld to help her. Both barely 18 years old, all Emily and David have on their side is David’s stories and Emily’s courage. This is an uneven fight if there ever was one! David and Emily will turn to legends, fairy tales, history, mystery, fantasy and mythology in this epic battle of good versus evil.

A real page turner, this fast read will make you think about the power of love in all its forms long after you finish reading. It is the exciting finish to this ancient Story Teller family saga which spans the centuries of recorded time. Its twists and turns will keep readers engaged and guessing until you turn the very last page.

Emily and David must face their worst fears. They discover the past is unwilling to let them live out their lives peacefully, happy and content as the Last Story Tellers. Their stories and their faith in things unseen are all they have in their quest to save the world from Alicia, the Sorceress, who has been waiting a thousand years for this opportunity to rule the world!

Alicia’s desire for power and immortality leads to the ultimate showdown of good vs evil. Emily and David will find themselves forced to make decisions that will affect all eternity. On their quest to save the world, they will be met with sisters and sorcery, magic and mysticism, devils, dragons and demons. Emily and David’s quest will rekindle your faith in the power of redemptive love. “Everyone deserves a second chance” is a theme that flows throughout the book.

Three Quotes from Book 2:
1. “There stood a man and a woman in a circle of love, squared by the son’s love, each standing triangular to the other, forming a final circle to enclose the whole.”

2. To your quest be true…

3. “…the fate of Earth, its only hope to survive, lay in the hands of a boy, David, the Son of Solomon…”


About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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