Writer Spotlight: Book Review of, “The Reluctant Jesus: An Apocalyptic Laugh Out Loud Dark Comedy”, by BestSelling Author, Duncan Whitehead #ASMSG

The title of this book, “The Reluctant Jesus,” by best-selling author Duncan Whitehead, evokes an image of me (the reader) as the protagonist, Seth Miller. Duncan Whitehead has taken the most improbable of all earthly probabilities and given us an incredibly amusing, satirical tale.

Duncan WhiteheadOf course, if I were Seth, I would not have accepted the responsibility of being Jesus, not in this world we live in nowadays! Seth, however, “bears his cross” as greatness is thrust upon him…

The clever and amusing storytelling I find quite appropriate for the story. There is no doubt that this is a comedy, not after Seth receives a telephone call from God himself!

The transformation from biblical to comical is done tastefully, without being offensive to the sensibilities of rational-minded people.

The purpose of comedy is to entertain, and if anything, this book is highly entertaining, from page one to page last. There will be many a laugh out loud moment for you as you read this book.

At the same time, you are left with a reflection once the reading is done.

All great storytellers have a way of telling the story within the story, and Whitehead is quite clever at allowing the reader to enjoy and be entertained, while leaving adequate “food for thought”. For me, after my sides stopped hurting from laughing so much, the thought in my mind was, “What if?”

At this time of year, shortly after Mother’s Day, I find this question worth repeating out loud: “What if?”

This book is highly recommendable for all human beings, regardless of what your religion or faith is. Why?

Satire accomplishes its purpose, in this book, if we begin to think the unthinkable, namely, that someone you meet in the street, might be more than what they appear to be… 5 stars for “The Reluctant Jesus” 5.0 out of 5 stars

Author Bio

Duncan WhiteheadAward Winning Writer, Duncan Whitehead, was born in England and is the author of the best-selling and award-winning GORDONSTON LADIES DOG WALKING CLUB Trilogy.
The series, inspired by the quirky characters and eeriness in the real life Savannah neighborhood in which he once lived, is a humorous mystery, which boasts an assortment of characters and plot twists.

He has also written over 2,000 spoof and comedy news articles, under various aliases, for a variety of websites both in the US and the UK.

He has written further novels; a comedy set in Manhattan, THE RELUCTANT JESUS, published in April 2014 and republished in July 2015 & three short stories.

Duncan is well known for his charity work, kindness to animals, children and old people; and, of course, his short-lived bullfighting career and his hideous hunchback.

In February 2045, he invented time travel and now spends much of his time in either the future (where he has won the lottery an astonishing 117 times) and the present day.

Reviewed by Thomas Jerome Baker
Author of How to Coach A Debate Team

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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