Writer Spotlight Interview: Julie Cassar, BestSelling Author of, “Stealing Light” #ASMSG

Julie CassarThomas: My guest this evening is the talented, lovely, and best-selling author, Ms. Julie Cassar. Julie, thank you for visiting my blog this evening.

Julie Cassar: Thanks for the invitation to be here Thomas.

Thomas: Call me Tom please, Julie. (smiling)

Julie: OK Tom, and you can call me Jules then. (smiling)

TJB: Perfect. Jules, please tell my readers about yourself and your books.

JC: Hmmm… About myself? Gah! Every author’s nightmare…talking about ourselves instead of our characters. Haha! I’m a an artist, and author, a mother of three, a part time legal assistant. I adore coffee, wine, fancy cocktails and my must-have food is PIZZA. I HAVE to have it at least once a week.

Stealing Light is my 6th Indie published novel. The first five make up the Ruby Blue series (Young Adult Fantasy)

TJB: What is the book about?

JC: The book is inherently about the battle of light vs. dark/good vs/evil and learning to embrace and share our own special gifts.

TJB: (picking up a copy of the book) Is it OK if I read the synopsis?

JC: I’ll read it Tom. (smiling)  

The Synopsis:

“Tonight, everything could change. I wasn’t ready to let go of anyone just yet.”

If you could change what you know is coming, would you? Cecelia Walker discovers an amazing ability deep within herself that gives her the power to change the future. When mysterious outsiders enter her life, she begins to question everything and everyone she once knew.

Years earlier, CeeCee’s life changed forever the day her parents were killed in a horrific car accident. Suddenly extraordinary people and bizarre events began to seep into her very small world. Surviving for years on her addiction to coffee and running, life suddenly deals her a game-changing wildcard and all bets are off. Her magnificent Gift of Light awakens a tremendous dark power wanting to steal what is hers.

Will Cecelia be able to change what she’s seen and set a new course? Has she met her otherworldly match against evil and found her true soul mate? Or, is nothing as it seems as the power of darkness threatens to consume her and those she loves.

984289_ehwhebupTJB: Very interesting premise, having knowledge of, and power over, future events. Sounds like a fascinating book. Jules, do you have any unusual writing habits?

JC: Not really… unless writing without wearing pants is unusual? Haha! Seriously, I do that sometimes. I almost always listen to music when I write and often forget to eat when I’m knee-deep in the story. The same could be said when I’m reading a good book. Who needs to eat when you’re lost in a fantasy world of wonderful characters?

TJB: No, nothing unusual about writing without wearing pants. And I’m not surprised to hear that you can write while listening to music. For me, it would be a distraction, though maybe a little soft background music could stimulate creativity. Are you working on any other books rightnow?

JC: I’m currently writing the sequel to Stealing Light.

TJB: What are you reading now?

JC: I am currently re-reading “Austenland” by Shannon Hale for a book club, and I’m also reading the 7th book in the Outlander series, by Diana Gabaldon. (I LOVE that STARZ show!)

TJB: Jules, this past Sunday was Mother’s Day. I’d like you to take this opportunity to look directly into the camera, and say a few words to your Mom.

JC: (smiling) Where’s my camera at Tom?

TJB: It’s at 12:00, right in front of you…That’s perfect. Go ahead Jules.

Julie CassarJulie Cassar speaks to her Mom a personal Mother’s Day Message: 


In the morning, if we came downstairs to eat breakfast and hadn’t made our bed, we were sent back up to do so. You sometimes sent me to school with my lunch packed in a Wonder Bread bag, and we had only two options if we said we were bored:

“Go outside and play, or Clean your room.”

BUT…you also somehow managed to keep the garage stocked with every size ice skate possible, so that my 5 siblings and our friends could skate until well past the stars came out in the massive ice rink we had in our backyard every winter.

When it was too cold or too hot to ice skate, you made sure we had a variety of roller skates to skate around in our huge, concrete floor basement.

And, you always had 5 minutes to stop into my make-believe “restaurant” or “hotel” or “flower shop” (which she provided various silk and plastic flowers for arranging…).

Today, Mom, you will lend your Bling, offer a glass of wine (or coffee, if it’s too early), and chat about whatever news is going on…in addition to being even MORE entertaining and endearing with your grandchildren.

Thanks for always supporting and encouraging me to develop my talents, and THANKS for being so AWESOME, MOM. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you so much!

Mothers Day

Thomas: Thank you for doing this interview Jules.

Julie: It was my pleasure Tom.


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Blog/Website: juliecassar.weebly.com

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Julie-Cassar/e/B00AM0VXOU

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julie.cassar.7

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