#AuthorInterview: “Nebulous” Author Joseph Schweichler #MondayBlogs #ASMSG

Thomas: Today I’m pleased to welcome Joseph Schweichler to my blog. Thank you for accepting my invitation Joseph.

Joseph: Thank you for the invitation Thomas.

TJB: Joseph, please tell us about yourself and your books.

JS: Well, I am a military service member, I love to read and write; especially the superhero genre. So far I have written a total of three books,

TJB: What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?

JS: My latest book is Nebulus. The book was inspired by a series of things. I have always been a science fiction lover: Star Wars/Trek etc…I also enjoy reading about unconventional characters. Those that aren’t really pretty or glamorous. For example, I think Superman is a fantastic hero, but him looking human has always been a downer. I thought isn’t it possible for an alien to look nothing like a human and yet have the world still see him as a hero? This is something I try to tackle in my books.

TJB: (Looking into the camera) Let me read the blurb for “Nebulus” here:

Nebulus is the third book in the Justice Strike series. It follows the adventures of the alien Nebulus from the planet Kortath. When an unknown threat attacks his planet, Nebulus and his brother are forced off their world and are placed into suspended animation. Upon awaking, Nebulus finds that his brother is missing. So now with the assistance of his computer program, Izla, and the help of an unsuspecting human family, Nebulus will follow in the footsteps of Tigerman and Exile. He will discover what it means to be a hero.”

JS: Tigerman is Book 1 and “Exile” is Book 2.

TJB: Do you have any unusual writing habits?

JS: I’m not sure what I would label as unusual. I know many authors, and each with their own habits and styles.

I guess the fact that I don’t write my chapters sequentially. I do them as I envision them and fill in the stuff around it.

TJB: What authors, or books have influenced you?

JS: Oh yes. I have been influenced by the likes of Steven King, RA Salvatore, Terry Goodkind.

For books I’d say Spider-Man the Venom Factor, Star Wars novels. There are really too many list.

TJB: What are you working on now?

JS: Now that I have finished Nebulus I have been outlining and writing sample chapters for the next book listed, which is Hyperbolt.

TJB: What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books?

JS: I have had good success with Facebook. I’ve reached more people on that medium than any others, thus far.

TJB: Do you have any advice for new authors?

JS: Don’t stop writing. New authors I’ve noticed become easily discouraged, myself included, where I all but gave up on my writing. But, with the encouragement from my wife, family, and friends I picked it back up. Because of this I have done three books.

TJB: What is the best advice you have ever heard?

Joseph SchweichlerJS: Don’t listen to the cynics, just do what you love. Believe in yourself.

TJB: What are you reading now?

JS: Currently I have been reading the Resident Evil Novelizations by SD Perry.

TJB: What’s next for you as a writer?

JS: As I delve into my fourth book I hope to get a Kickstarter going soon so I can get some good people involved, as I would like to make some comicbook adapatations of my characters.

TJB: If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and allowed to take 3 or 4 books with you what books would you take?

JS: Do series count as one? (smiling). I would say I need the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Betrayal, and at least one Resident Evil book, probably the Umbrella Conspiracy.

Thomas: Thank you for the interview Joseph. It has been a pleasure.

Joseph: Thanks for inviting me. Time went by so fast!

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Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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