#BookReview & #AuthorInterview The Eclipse of Power: The Interdimensional Saga, Book 3, by J. L. Hendricks #ASMSG


I have powers, not like superhero powers… well kinda like a superhero. I can hear the thoughts of others and I can even ‘mind speak’ with those I am close to.

But it is very dangerous for me to have these powers. I have to keep it from the fae council and General Avex.

While practicing my powers with the only person on Earth I can trust, I accidentally ‘hear’ the rippers discussing a battle that is going to happen that night.

On the guise of a training op, we gather all 5 squads and start our training mission.

We discover that the rippers, or vampires as you call them, are planning to go through the portal to Sendryl and attack.

WAIT! Lancer is in the Capitol!

I make my way to Sendryl and find out that things are not what I thought they were. There is a spy in our midst. And the enemy knows about me. More than I thought they did.

Is that a dragon?


Author Interview: J.L. Hendricks (Jennifer)

984289_ehwhebupThomas Jerome Baker: This evening, my guest on the blog is Ms. J. L. Hendricks. Jennifer, welcome, and thank you for accepting my invitation to be here with me and my readers.

Jennifer L. Hendricks: Thanks for the invitation Thomas. I’m happy to be here tonight.

TJB: Jennifer, please tell us about yourself and your books.

J.L. HendricksJLH: I am a new Independent Author, I just started writing in February of this year. Although, I have always had stories running through my head. I was beta reading for Michael Anderle (The Kutherian Gambit Series) and we were talking and he suggested I join his 20books50k group and put some of my ideas down on paper. I joined the group, who all motivated me to start writing my stories down. I created a world that I would like to live in and the story has mostly written itself.

I have 3 books published so far and my 4th book will be out May 13th. I am working on book 5 right now. My first 4 books have been short stories with 70 – 78 pages, or novellas. The 5th book will be a full length novel, if all goes well.

TJB: That’s very interesting, especialy yhe way you started out beta reading. It was a kind of apprenticeship, because you learned your craft from the inside out, in a support role. And then your group encouraged you to put your own stories down on paper. Jen, tell me what the name of your new book is please.

JLH: My newest book is called: The Eclipse of Power, Book 3.

TJB: Jen, the cover artwork is fabulous. It has everything a cover is suposed to have: artistry, beauty, affinity. It loks at a potential buyer and whispers softly, “Buy Me. Take me home with you.” You obviously learned how critical it is to have an amazing book cover. Believe it or not, some really great stories aren’t being read because the author neglected to get an awesome cover, like yours for example.

JLH: Thank you Thomas. (smiling)

TJB: So I get home with a copy of your book. I bought it based on the cover alone. Now tell me Jen: What is the book about? What did I just buy? (smiling)

JLH: It is the continuation of Book 1 and Book 2. It is set in Los Angeles, CA to begin with. By the end of the book we are on Sendryl, which is a planet in another dimension. There are portals here on Earth that take you to Sendryl and back again. On Sendryl there is a war between the Fae Warriors and Rippers (aka vampires).

Product Details Product Details

They have brought their war here to Earth and my protagonist, B’Lana, must step in to help save Earth. In this episode, (book 3) there are a couple of battles in LA between rippers and fae.

B’Lana has taken sides with the fae who have changed her into a hybrid fae warrior. B’Lana’s squad leader is in trouble for several things, and he is sent back to Sendryl for trial. Our gang of regulars also stop the rippers from a full scale invasion of Sendryl.

There are multiple attacks happening in the capital of Sendryl at the same time, but our team stops the enemies from leaving Earth with a small army intent on destruction. The rippers come to Earth to kidnap humans and change them into hybrid rippers and they are nothing more than vampires with bloodlust who will kill anything in their way.

They have been compared to suicide bombers. They don’t care if they die as long as they get to destroy something and lots of people. There is also a love triangle between B’Lana, her squad leader, and another guy on her team.

One of the guys can’t stand to be in the same room as her, and the other never wants to leave her side. But both secretly want her and make plays for her heart.

TJB: Fascinating. Let’s talk about your writing now. Do you have any unusual writing habits?

JLH: I have a note app on my phone and it is always within reach. I have had ideas come at the strangest times so I want to always write them down for later. I have ideas all the way up to book 20 and beyond, if I am blessed to keep writing.

Also, in my author’s group, we were discussing names one day. Several of us kill off a lot of characters. Some of mine die without names. I was looking for some cool names and a few in my group volunteered theirs. I have killed off on author (Martelle is in book 3) and in book 4 is another one (can’t share his name yet or it will ruin book 4 for you).

I also created a character, name taken from another author friend, who I thought I would kill. Xandrie is a female fae warrior who shows up in Book 3.

I was going to kill her. It was to be a gruesome battle and death. But my character didn’t want to die, so she kinda wrote herself into the story and befriended B’Lana.

I am running a Twitter campaign to see if readers want her to live or die. You can tweet #KillXandrie or #SaveXandrie and when the time comes I will see which one wins.

TJB: I tweeted once for each one: one kill and one save. I’m undecided right now. After I finish reading and review your book, I will let you know which decision I make. (smiling) Jen, I’d like to know what authors, or books have influenced you?

JLH: Michael Anderle has mentored me on writing and how to make it your career. I would not be here without his help. But I also have been influenced by KM Shea. She writes clean YA novels that really draw the reader in to her stories and made me realize that I can write a good, clean book that anyone can enjoy, not just young adults.

TJB: I like that. I’m a clean writer too. We have enough tools and techniques available to us in our writer’s toolbox that we don’t need to write stories with content that is graphic or use a lot of four letter words. Having said that, when readers indicate that they will buy graphic literature, then it creates a market that will be catered to. What you and I do is make a conscious decision not to participate in that market. We are not censoring it, nor condoning it.

JLH: It’s our personal decision. Everybody has to decide for themselves what kind of writer they want to be.

TJB: Exactly. Let’s change the pace here and talk about your future Jen. What other books are you working on now?

JLH: Book 5 to my series. It was unplanned to begin with. I started with an overall story idea and the first part was to be 4 books. As I was writing book 3 certain things happened in my story that were unplanned so I knew I was going to need that 5th book before I could introduce the next part of the story.

TJB: My head is spinning Jennifer. (smiling) I’m starting out on Book 3. There’s alrady been Books 1 and Book 2. And here you are talking about when you were writing Book 4, you knew you needed Book 5. (smiling) Tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to go back, and start out with Book 1.

JLH: That makes a lot of sense Thomas, to begin at the beginning. If people will do that, it will increase your overall enjoyment of the story. But it’s important also for me to say that I’ve written each book with a genuine start and finish. So in your case, starting out with Book 3, when you turn the last page, you will have a sense of closure. Knowing that there is a Book 1 and Book 2, you could go back and read those books, or you could go on to Book 4 to find out what happens next.

TJB: I see. Let’s talk about promoting your work. You mentioned one creative way that you engage your readers in the series, by getting them to kill or save a charachter. That technique was used by many writers in the past when their stories appeared as serial instalments in newspapers. You may recall the story about how Charles Dickens wrote two endings to his novel, “Great Expectations.” He had one ending ready to go, the first one, and then in response to his readers, he had to change the ending to give them what they wanted.

JLH: Yes, I can see the similarity. Being an Indie writer makes this much more flexible and agile to craft the story to the rading audience that we have.

TJB: What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books?

JLH: I am still new to this, but so far I have seen my best results with BKNights in Fivver and with BooksGoSocial.

TJB: I’ve been hearing a lot of authors praising BooksGoSocial recently. What can you tell me about them specifically?

Laurance O'Bryan launches is book "The Istanbul Puzzle" in Dubray Bookstore on Grafton Street. Photo Nic Mac InnesJLH: BooksGoSocial has a lot of expertise. They are able to advise you and guide you in the right directin about using your time and resources to get the maximum results for your work.

It’s really all about working smart, using your time wisely. But Thomas, I’m still new at this. Don’t take my word for it.

The founder, Laurence O’Bryan, recently did an interview which is very informative about BooksGoSocial.

I have a few more places I am working with and looking forward to giving them a try. One is BargainBooksy.com, that promo is coming up on May 13th when I launch book 4. Then I have two giveaway promo’s I am in; one in June and one in July. I am keeping data on sales, book and author rankings so I will know which ones work best for me.

TJB: Thanks for those tips Jen. Do you have any advice for new authors?

JLH: Join a writing club. There are a ton of them out there! You need their support and encouragement. Find a mentor if you can, that has helped me. I can’t say enough good things about Michael and how he has helped me. He even did my first two book covers!

TJB: That’s mentorship in action. With that example to go by, you can pay it forward by mentoring someone else when that opportunity presents itself to you. Jen, what is the best advice you have ever heard for authors?

JLH: Don’t fear social media. It is too important to overlook. I hated Facebook, that’s right. I was one of the few who did not have a FB account, if you can imagine. But once I started writing the other authors told me I had to have one. So I created a site for my book series and have even done some FB promotions.

I already had a Twitter account, so that wasn’t too hard for me. I didn’t have many followers. I started with 85 followers about two weeks before this interview and the last time I looked I had over 400 followers.

Some are really awesome authors who will RT my tweets when I have a new release. When that happens, my tweet gets sent out to over a million accounts now. It has really grown since I did the BooksGoSocial promo. I ended up with almost 150 followers just over the weekend from them. And my KENP doubled this weekend. I do believe it was from all of the tweeting about my new book.

TJB: Amazing, the power of social media. What are you reading now?

JLH: I have two books I am reading at the moment. One is called The Catalyst, by a friend of mine CM Raymond and the other is People Raged by another friend, Craig Martelle (he is the author I killed in book 3). They are both book 1 in their new series and totally different from what I usually read, but also very exciting. Who doesn’t love a good superhero story? Or spy novel?

TJB: What’s next for you as a writer? (smiling)

JLH: This past week I was in Santa Barbara doing research for book 5. There are some interesting local legends I wanted to learn more about and possibly add them to my story. If they are what I think, then it will help to segue into my origins story for the entire world I have created.

Book 6 will be more like a prequel then the next part of the story. It will however, start off at the end of book 5 then go back in time a few thousand years. I will give you a teaser, the fae and rippers actually came from Earth back when it was still young. They are a distant relative to the Nephilim. But I don’t want to ruin the surprise so no more spoilers for you!

TJB: smiling) One last question for you Jen. If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and allowed to take 3 or 4 books with you what books would you take?

JLH: Snow Queen by KM Shea, I have read it twice already and could read it many more times!

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, who couldn’t read about Mr. Darcy over and over forever?

Anna Karenina by Tolstoy. I have started that book many times, once in Russian, and can never finish it. It’s too big to keep my attention. So if on a deserted island I should have time to finish it.

I would love to bring one of Michael Anderle’s books, but I would die if I couldn’t read the continuation! So maybe my 4th book would be the conclusion to KM Shea’s Snow Queen. I hate to leave a story unfinished. Which is why I have trouble reading traditionally published books; they take 12 – 18 months to put out their next book in a series and I hate waiting. That is why I will publish every 2-5 weeks in my series, depending on the length of the book.

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