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University #education in Argentina: zero cost and zero admissions exams #MondayBlogs

Left to Right: First Lady Michelle Obama, President Barack Obama, President Mauricio Macri, First Lady Juliana Awada Sources: DailyKos, Fulbright Program, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Facultad de Ingenieria), 100,000 Strong In The Americas,  White House Press Office Although gauchos (cowboys) still … Continue reading

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Fulbright Chile y Universidad de Nevada abren nueva beca en Ciencias #100KStrongAmericas

La Comisión para el Intercambio Educacional entre Chile y los Estados Unidos (Comisión Fulbright) y la Universidad de Nevada, en Reno, abrieron un concurso de becas para profesionales chilenos interesados en obtener el grado de magíster o doctor en el … Continue reading

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Educational Quality And Inequality In Latin America

Forbes, Nov. 20, 2014, by Alejandro Chaufen Inequality continues to be the topic of discussion not only in the United States but also around the world and especially in Latin America. Countries in the region have some of the worst inequality. … Continue reading

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J. K. Rowling Just Can’t Let Harry Potter Go

LONDON — J. K. Rowling always said that the seventh Harry Potter book, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” would be the last in the series, and so far she has kept to her word. But though she’s written many new … Continue reading

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Why Change as an Educator?

Originally posted on My Island View:
One undeniable fact about teaching is that teachers not only need to be masters of content within their subject area, but they must also be masters of education as a subject. Another undeniable fact…

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Bringing Your Own Work Into the Classroom #fridayreads #BookBoost

As a new semester dawns, thousands of instructors are preparing to exit a calling and re-enter a job. For many of us, winter break is a time to spend extended hours on all the work that teaching keeps us from … Continue reading

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