#IAmWithHer: Why I’m Voting For #HillaryClinton2016


Hillary’s Accomplishments In 30 Years of Public Service

Thirty years is a long time to be a public servant. According to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton hasn’t done anything in 30 years. According to “the Donald”, he thinks he can use Hillary’s husband, President Bill Clinton, to attack Hillary Clinton. I beg to differ.

Donald, I disagree, respectfully, with everything you say, and everything you do.

Donald Trump’s attack on a woman who is running for President of the United States, by referring to her husband’s conduct, is unacceptable to me. In fact, it is reprehensible, and an outrage. I hasten to add, inadmisible, at least for a “real man.”

If “the Donald” were a real man, if “the Donald” truly has an issue with President Bill Clinton, isn’t it the manly thing to do for Donald Trump to take up the issue with Bill Clinton, rather than Bill Clinton’s wife?

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot.

How would “the Donald” feel if President Bill Clinton decided to take up your conduct, with your wife? Melania isn’t running for President of the USA. You are. The Republican Party #GOP candidate is Donald J. Trump.

“The Donald”, you are the one who was caught on camera bragging about kissing women without their consent, and grabbing a woman’s genitals. Let us not forget you were 59 years old at the time, and your wife was pregnant at the time you were bragging to Billy Bush about sexual assault on women.

In the second debate, in St. Louis, you lied about it Donald. First you tried to apologize, but clearly you did not mean the apology (you are never wrong, so you never apologize). You weren’t contrite, you were defiant. You said your bragging was just “locker room talk.” You said it was just “words.”

You said you were just telling a lie, building yourself up by telling a macho story to Billy Bush. Well, words matter. Donald, your words got Billy Bush fired. Now he needs a job. Got any openings Billy can fill?

Words matter Donald. Nancy O’Dell, the woman you objectified with your “locker room talk”, said:

Politics aside, I’m saddened that these comments still exist in our society at all,” she wrote. “When I heard the comments yesterday, it was disappointing to hear such objectification of women. The conversation needs to change because no female, no person, should be the subject of such crass comments, whether or not cameras are rolling. Everyone deserves respect no matter the setting or gender. As a woman who has worked very hard to establish her career, and as a mom, I feel I must speak out with the hope that as a society we will always strive to be better.” (end of quote)

In my experience, athletes don’t talk like that in the locker room. Men don’t talk like that. Not even inexperienced, immature high school boys talk like that.

I don’t know what kind of locker rooms you have been in, but as an athlete who played on football teams, basketball teams, and baseball teams, nobody talked about grabbing a woman’s genitals or kissing women without their consent. Nobody. Not even our “star” players.

Donald, you do know that grabbing a woman’s genitals is a crime, sexual assault? For that kind of behaviour, you can go to jail. Even you, Donald Trump. You could be locked up for a long time. So in that second debate in St. Louis, you were wise to deny that your words were true. It would have gotten you locked up in St. Louis if you had confirmed your words. But of course, it was only “locker room talk.”

Donald Trump, I read somewhere that Mark Cuban, owner of NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, offered you ten $10 million dollars for a 4-hour interview about your policies. He said he would give the money to a charity of your choice, or, he would write the check to you if you need the money. Donald, you could talk with Mark Cuban about your “locker room” policy on how you talk about women. Let me quote Mark Cuban:

“$10mm to the charity of YOUR choice if you let ME interview you for 4 hrs on YOUR policies and their substance,” Cuban wrote.

Groundrules are that you can’t mention the Clintons or discuss anything other than the details and facts of [your] plans and no one else is in the room to help,” he continued. “Just me, you and a broadcast crew. Deal?”

Donald, it is certain that there is more damaging audio and videos out there that are yet to be brought to the light of day, so going to jail for sexual assault is still a reality for you. But wait.

Just because somebody accuses you of wrongdoing, it doesn’t mean you are guilty, does it? Of course not, especially if there is”absolutely no merit to the allegations, and the matter was ultimately settled without any finding of liability and without any admission of wrongdoing whatsoever.” Wouldn’t you agree?

Then why does it not work the same way for President Bill Clinton?

Why does it not work the same way for the Central Park Five?

Donald, does the law work one way for you, and another way for other people?

You got a trial. President Bill Clinton got a trial. The Central Park Five got a trial.

Donald, are any Black people still hounding you about the outcome of your trial? There was no merit to the allegations, you settled that case with no admission of wrongdoing. And Black people are not hounding you accusing you of a crime. You answered your accusers in court. You defended yourself.

Isn’t that what happened to President Bill Clinton?

Isn’t that what happened to the Central Park Five? Wait, that isn’t what happened to the Central Park Five. They were wrongfully convicted of a murder they did not commit.  The Central Park Five sued the city for their wrongful prosecution and received a $40 million settlement in 2014, $1 million for every year of their lives wrongfully spent behind bars. Shortly after the news of the settlement broke, Donald Trump published an op-ed in the New York Daily News calling it “a disgrace.”

What is it with you Donald, when you don’t like the way the law works?

Just like you refused to accept the law in the Central Park Five case, you also refused to accept President Obama’s birth certificate, and you also refused to accept the law in President Bill Clinton’s case. In what reality do you live in?

When the law speaks, Donald Trump, whether you like it or no, you have to let people move on with their life. People should not have to publically embarrass you, like President Obama did, before you will accept reality. Sometimes Donald, you lose, and that’s real. That’s the reality people live with.

Of course, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. You would have the opportunity to defend yourself. A defense lawyer would present the evidence that supported your claim of innocence. You could even make a deal, a settlement, a financial arrangement Donald.

You have done that so many times in the past, haven’t you?

According to an analysis by USA Today published in June 2016, over the previous three decades, “Trump and his businesses have been involved in 3,500 legal cases in U.S. federal courts and state court, an unprecedented number for a U.S. presidential candidate“. (source: Wikipedia)

Let’s pivot off of your attack on President Bill Clinton.We both know, he’s been out of office for 17 years now. He’s not running for President. His wife, Hillary Clinton, she is running for President.

You claimed, (quote) “Hillary hadn’t done anything in 30 years.” (end of quote)

So, at the presidential debate in St. Louis that she won (and you lost) I was happy when Secretary Hillary Clinton took the opportunity to clarify her record of public service, in terms of her accomplishments, so clear that even you understood. You called her a fighter, a woman who fights for what she believes in, a woman who never gives up. For once in your life, Donald, you told the truth, fully and completely.

Secretary Hillary Clinton is special. She is all of what you said about her, a fighter, and much more.

When Secretary Hillary Clinton spoke about her accomplishments, it was a moment that made me realize how much she has done for other people in the past 30 years. You lied about her Donald. You tried to paint her as incompetent.

The truth is, Donald Trump, you have done so little, while she has done so much (quote):

Hillary Clinton: “Look, he has now said [about me] repeatedly “30 years this, and 30 years that.” So let me talk about my 30 years in public service. I’m very glad to do so.

  • Eight million kids, every year, have health insurance because when I was First Lady, I worked with Democrats and Republicans to create the children’s health insurance program.
  • Hundreds of thousands of kids now have a chance to be adopted because I worked to change our adoption and foster care system.
  • After 9/11, I went to work with Republican mayor, governor and president to rebuild New York and to get health care for our first responders who were suffering because they had run toward danger and gotten sickened by it.
  • Hundreds of thousands of National Guard and reserve members have health care because of work that I did.
  • And children have safer medicines because I was able to pass a law that required the dosing to be more carefully done.
  • When I was secretary of state, I went around the world advocating for our country, but also advocating for women’s rights to make sure that women had a decent chance to have a better life.
  • And negotiated a treaty with Russia to lower nuclear weapons. 400 pieces of legislation have my name on it as a sponsor or cosponsor when I was a senator for eight years.
  • I worked very hard and was very proud to be re-elected in new York by an even bigger margin than I had been elected the first time.
  • And as president, I will take that work, that bipartisan work, that finding common ground because you have to be able to get along with people to get things done in Washington. I’ve proven that I can and for 30 years, I’ve produced results.”

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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