From #ObamaCare To #TrumpCare: Why You Should #Care

The 2010 Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare, tried to reform U.S. healthcare, sparking a divisive, seven-year political battle. Obamacare has failed to collapse, despite Republicans best efforts to undermine it. People like Obamacare. It’s their healthcare. They don’t want to lose it. So, what do they want?They want something better. President Trump has promised TrumpCare.

Six years after the enactment of Obamacare, here’s what we know: The uninsured rate dropped to an all-time low (8.8%). 12 million people enrolled in marketplace coverage this year. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Republican governors are praising Medicaid expansion. As you can see, ObamaCare is more popular than ever.

The GOP has failed to deliver on its core promises of working on behalf of families and children instead of fighting for huge corporations. The attacks on health care are only getting worse. While Republicans could simply allow the law to collapse, that would make it hard for Republicans in Congress to get re-elected. Why? Because you would not have any health care. So, Republicans must do something.

Repeal and Replace
President Trump made a promise on the campaign trail: repeal and replace. He said he would repeal ObamaCare and replace it with something better: TrumpCare. Repeal is something the GOP has been talking about for 7 years now. But, Republicans don’t know how to do it. Think about it: 7 years. Repeal and Replace with TrumpCare should have been done on Day 1 of Trump’s presidency.

Republicans have a solution. That’s why, when the House returns after President’s Day, the GOP will try our best to replace your insurance with a HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT (HSA). We will deliver on our promise to the American people, to take away your health insurance to help pay for a massive new tax cut for the wealthy. Yes, we lied about that whole populism thing. Health Savings Account is the solution.

What will the transition from ObamaCare to TrumpCare be like? Stable or immediate? A stable transition is the opposite of what our HSA “plan” calls for. Our efforts will ensure protections for the most vulnerable are eviscerated.

We have a “Better Way” to take away your health insurance. Our replacement plan ensures more tax cuts for millionaires (and billionaires too) and no access to health care for you. Specifically, our “plan”:
– Moves health care decisions away from patients, their families, and their doctors.
– Provides nothing for the 32 million people who would lose insurance under our plan.
– Gives patients Health Savings Accounts, which have no real value for anyone but the wealthy. This is the Republican BETTER WAY!
– Allows those who don’t receive insurance from an employer or government program t have access to quality coverage, if their parent or spouse is a plutocrat.
– Eliminates Medicaid to prevent the most vulnerable from having access to quality health care.

Obamacare is hurting more millionaires and billionaires than it is helping:
– Premiums have gone up by an average of 25 percent this year, if you run the numbers using an abacus.
– Republicans opposed a public option, so nearly 1/3 of all U.S. counties have only one insurer offering plans on their state’s exchange.
– Under Obamacare, we have a new class of uninsured-those paying the penalty because they can’t afford the plans, and those who ae buying plans that have sky-high pemiums and deductibles, prohibiting their access to actually receiving care.

Our “BETTER WAY” Trumpcare plan does nothing for them. Why? We love deductibles. We feel like it’s important now to end $1 Trillion in new taxes for the billionaires who fund our election campaigns.

House Republicans are working hand-in-hand with the new Trump administration to strip health insurance from 32 Million Americans.

There are three different ways we are working to take away your health insurance so our wealthy friends can get another tax cut:
1. Repeal and Replace legislation (Check back in the year 2033)
2. Action from the Trump Administration: (Whatever Russia does for US health insurance)
3. Delivering Solutions through A Trump Executive Order: (Check with President Steve Bannon, since he is the person calling the shots in the White House)

Conclusion: The election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, along with the retention of Republican majorities in the U.S. House and Senate, portend major changes for U.S. healthcare, including the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. President Trump and the GOP is keeping our promise!!

About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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