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Fire In The Water by [Ross, Janice ]

Chanel Bissett believed in one fundamental truth—the power of love. She’s adored and loved Zachary Marlowe long before she knew what life meant. And they’ve built a bond so strong that it is beyond untouchable.

Or so Chanel thought…

Rhys Colburn has always been privileged, wealthy and demanding. He was ready to spend the rest of his life with Maggie Cohn so that, together, they could conquer the world.

Rhys couldn’t have been more wrong…

Consistently appearing at the wrong place and wrong time, Chanel and Rhys’ lives begin to clash. Every breath, every word, and every moment is as if the heavens have shifted the earth so that their paths would cross. Whether faith or destiny, they are pushed to emotional boundaries neither can sustain.

Yet, still, hope remains…

Over time, they become stripped of their once known selves. All that’s left are shattered pieces of a once upon a time. And after three years with shadows of memories behind, chance pulls them together again.

Finally, love just might emerge. And this time, destiny might be kinder.

Will either take a chance with a stranger or will the past resurface to shatter the possibility?

5.0 out of 5 stars Review by Arlena

This was quite a interesting novel featuring Chanel Bissett and Rhys Colburn. But was about Zach Marlowe? What had happened with all of the plans that Chanel and Zachary had mapped out for their life together? Now, all of that had started from their childhood, but know almost twenty years later…were things different for Chanel and Zach? This will be some story as Rhys comes into the picture definitely causing a ‘fork in the road’ for these two.

Yes, we will find that Rhys had plenty of issues in his life but was he by himself? How will Chanel’s mother try to help her in wanting her to find herself…to truly know herself? Why was that so very important in this read? As you read this story the reader will be presented with many surprises and twist and turns for both of these two main characters…Chanel and Rhys. How long will these feeling go on between Rhys and Chanel before she will be able to see what in right before her eyes?

I loved how Rhys decides what he really wanted and goes after it. What will it take for Chanel to take a moment to stop and smell the roses! Will the dreams hopefully leave Chanel after what happens to Zach. It was quite a wow moment for me when it all comes out about Zachary. How does this affect Chanel? Will Chanel get the help she needs?

You will get a very emotional story as the reader will see how well the author brings it all out as these two [Chanel and Rhys] lives are intertwined together. So, in the end “Will either take a chance with a stranger or will the past resurface to shatter the possibility?”

I will say that ending left me in tears.. I loved this quote:

“Do you get it! ….You were listening…I saw us in the artist’s take on this work. A tag rested just above the canvas: Fire in the Water…The image was a flame refusing to die while moving from one spot to the next – through the journey of life… The struggle of a determined person will never fully die…Sure, there will be trying forces similar to the water. It’s life. And though your fire might dwindle along the way, your core will remain strong.”

To find out the answers to all of the questions and to understand that ending you will have to pick up this excellent read to see for yourself how well this author presents it so well to the reader.

Would I recommend? YES!

5.0 out of 5 stars Review by Thomas Jerome Baker

I have read other works by this author. My favourite is her “Damaged Girls” series. They were well-crafted, highly engaging, realistic, and aesthetically pleasing. Her use of setting, time, place and rising drama kept my attention throughout each of the books in the series. So, obviously I was curious about “Fire In The Water” after just reading the title. It is metaphorically attractive and literally engaging, especially when one considers the concept of “burning water.” Janice Ross was communicating that this would be a story in which the reader would not be able to trust the evidence of our eyes and ears.

To begin, Chanel loves Zach. That’s pretty straightforward, on the surface at least. Then we have Rhys and Maggie. Rhys loves Maggie. As a story, the anticipation is that the lovestories we are given will undergo trial and tribulation, a test, which will either be overcome, or prove destructive to one, or both relationships.

The plot thickens. Chanel’s love is out of gratitude for kindness shown her when she was young. Rhys, on the other hand, discovers all is not well with Maggie. He is disappointed with her. In this emotional state, distressed, disillusioned, he meets Chanel. Well, Chanel is really not supposed to be available, because she’s in a long term relationship already.

The author builds up the conflict in the story that could have been taken right off the front page of someone’s life story. It could be you, it could be me, it could be anybody. How many people find themselves in relationships that are not of the deep and intense passionate type? Or simply fail to deliver enough sensuality to light up the night, to turn water into wine, or even, to be fire on the water? What happens is a breathtaking tale that readers of both genders will be able to relate to and connect with. As you read, it is highly likely you will answer the question: What would I do if I were in Chanel’s shoes? Rhys? Zach? Maggie?

In sum, this is another intriguing, highly engaging, and realistic story that is sure to please. Highly recommended.


About The Author

Janice Ross was born in Guyana, South America and migrated to the USA in 1980. Although her citizenship certificate now reads the United States of America, she considers herself a citizen of the world. Sure she has not physically been around the world and back, but she’s travelled in her mind and dreams.

Janice enjoys Zumba, Kickboxing, and most exercise classes. When she’s not pushing her physical limits, Janice spends time working on her craft, as well as lending a hand to other aspiring writers.

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Fire In The Water by [Ross, Janice ]


About profesorbaker

Thomas Baker is the Past-President of TESOL Chile (2010-2011). He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. The source and inspiration for his writing comes from his family.
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  1. Janice Ross says:

    Thanks for taking the time to read and review, Profesor Baker! I’m glad you saw the meaning behind this story.


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