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Tutorial de Google Classroom

por Rosa Liarte | 16 Mar, 2020 | Fuente: Rosa Liarte Empieza un nuevo curso escolar y, como sabéis, ya estamos con la formación inicial al profesorado. Cuando me toca comenzar a mi con la parte de la formación TIC … Continue reading

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755: Los minutos de imbatibilidad de Claudio Bravo con el Barça

Fuente: FC Barcelona El portero chileno rubricó su gran primer año en el Camp Nou con un triplete y dos récords individuales sólo al alcance de los mejores os temporadas, ocho títulos y una gran huella. Claudio Bravo defendió la … Continue reading

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Technology can sometimes be wasted on English language teaching

Computers are meant to have transformed the way language is taught and learned but in many classrooms expensive equipment is of little value and barriers to successful integration remain Nik Peachey 15 May 2012 Source: The Guardian Opinion We are … Continue reading

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Meet the First-Ever Mother-Daughter Duo to Graduate Med School Together and Become Doctors

Njera Perkins Photo Credit: Instagram This mother-daughter duo is making history together as the first-ever to graduate from medical school at the same time and match at the same hospital. The University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) reports that Dr. … Continue reading

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Xi Jinping Thought Explained: A New Ideology for a New Era in China

Xi Jinping Thought Explained By Chris Buckley Feb. 26, 2018 阅读简体中文版閱讀繁體中文版 China has a new official political doctrine. It’s called Xi Jinping Thought, and it is everywhere. Schools, newspapers, television, the internet, billboards and banners all trumpet the ideas of … Continue reading

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