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INDIA WINS THE WORLD SCHOOL DEBATING CHAMPIONSHIP Team India are World Champions! Winners of the World Schools Debating Championships 2019 that took place in Bangkok, Thailand between the 24th and 31st of July. India propose the motion ‘This House regrets … Continue reading

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#4thofJuly #BookReview: How to #Teach #Debating: Theory & Practical #Handbook ==> http://amzn.to/1rqWIVN <== RT #asmsg #t4us #4ftm #iartg #bookplugs #RRBC

#4thofJuly2014 How to #Teach Debating: Theory & Practical #Handbook ==>http://t.co/AUtEa6ktLK<== RT #asmsg #t4us #4ftm — Thomas Jerome Baker (@profesortbaker) July 4, 2014 Book Description Book Publication Date: November 13, 2013 “It was the best of times, it was the worst … Continue reading

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Meet My Publisher: Createspace

Publish Your Words, Your Way That’s the motto of CreateSpace, my publisher. In one week, I became a three time published author: Teaching Debate in Chile Teaching Academic Writing Celestial Games: The First Pot of Gold I still can’t believe … Continue reading

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#Edcamp Santiago: My Top Five Fabulous Freebies in 2011

Five Fabulous Freebies (and a bonus Track too!) I want to draw your attention to something. When something is free, it matters. It matters because everyone has access, we all can have something, for nothing. Everyone is included, no one … Continue reading

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Advanced Debating: How to Debate the Death Penalty (The Moral Side of Murder)

Free Ebook: Teaching Debate in Chile http://slidesha.re/cSVP9N Here’s the motion: This House would abolish the death penalty, in all cases. You are the opposition. In other words, you must defend the death penalty. You’re going to lose, because there is … Continue reading

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What Does A Debate Coach Do?

You just found out you’re going to coach your school debate team. You’re thrilled, right? Well, if you’re like most debate coaches I have met, you got the job by being told you were going to be the debate coach. … Continue reading

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The Perfect Lie: “We Want The World” (A Lesson in Language Use)

“We want the world. A trial of strength between students and the government.” This was the title of the August 13th article about Chilean education that appeared in the Economist. http://econ.st/qy0gU7 I read it with interest, aware that it represented … Continue reading

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A Special Visit – Dr. Kyria Finardi: Lawyer, Author, Teacher, & Teacher-Trainer

On Thursday, March 10th, my students had a unique opportunity to interview a colleague of mine, Kyria Finardi. Kyria holds a PhD in English and Applied Linguistics. She works at the Dept. de Linguagens e Cultura, Centro de Educação, Universidade … Continue reading

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