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Debaters, Define Please! Debate, Argument, Dialogue, Rhetoric?

When two people, or two teams begin to debate something, an impartial observer often notices that the debate seems to be about two different things. The debaters energetically take their positions, delivering points and counterpoints, yet the clue to this … Continue reading

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Justice with Michael Sandel – NHK: The Ultimate Choice

Michael Sandel leads a video-linked global classroom, broadcast on NHK television (Japan) with students in Tokyo, Shanghai, and at Harvard. Sandel and the students discuss the ethical and global implications of the 2011 Japanese earthquake and nuclear disaster: What accounts … Continue reading

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Education Crisis in Chile: The Next Act

If William Shakespeare were alive today, living in Chile, and writing one of his plays, he would surely be considering if the next act of the “Education Crisis in Chile” would bring more tragic events. After all, so far we’ve … Continue reading

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