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Exploring Chinese Education: Triangulation Theory

Amazon Author Page: Thomas Jerome Baker ** Exploring Chinese Education: Triangulation Theory We set out to triangulate what we knew about China, its education system, and its high performance on the PISA test in 2009. Nothing was found that suggests … Continue reading

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Chinglish Spoken Here: English in China

“the growth of the use of English as the world’s primary language for international communication has obviously been continuing for several decades” (David Graddol, English Next, 2006) It was David Graddol who identified China as an early adopter of the … Continue reading

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Arianna Bush Hello Thomas, Please find below an article that we at Onlinecolleges.net think you and your readers would be interested in reading, the post “10 Educational Advances the U.S. Has Over China” (http://www.onlinecolleges.net/2012/09/18/10-educational-advances-the-u-s-has-over-china/). We’d appreciate it if you would … Continue reading

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Lessons From New York, Standardised Testing, China, and the Gaokao

Michael Levy: Source: http://huff.to/lGEdvI Levy: “Tests are not going to make our schools better. There’s only one thing that will: money. We simply underfund public education. New York spends more educating each of its children than any other state, about … Continue reading

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