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Debate: The Right To Privacy VS The Right To Information

Motion: This House Believes That The Right To Privacy Should Supercede The Right To Information. The following is an English version of an article in the September issue of Cuestión de Derechos, written by Privacy International‘s Head of International Advocacy, … Continue reading

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What is the Role of the Teacher in 21st Century Education?

I am a member of many professional learning communities. I do a tremendous amount of reading, trying to be at the cutting edge of knowledge in my field: education. Here’s what I mean when I say “cutting edge“: to be … Continue reading

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Big Thinkers: Dr. Howard Gardner on Digital Youth

The founder of multiple-intelligences theory discusses the challenges ethics and education face as digital media become more prevalent. This video can also be seen at http://www.edutopia.org/digital-generation-howard-gardner-video

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Information and Its Connective Tissue Revisited (#CCK11) (#ELTchat) (#edchat)

How is Information held together? What constitutes its connective tissue? These are questions which Thomas Vander Wal addressed in his talk yesterday. According to Vander Wal, just as the bones and muscles of the body are held together by ligaments … Continue reading

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That Makes Sense To Me: Information and Connective Tissue (#CCK11)

Thomas Vander Wal’s presentation, Information and connective Tissue, was the first one I listened to in real-time, beginning 36 minutes into the presentation. Prior to that, I discovered that my Elluminate would not work. Afterwards, I discovered that it was … Continue reading

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