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21 Incredibly Rare Author Interviews

Poems & Poetry by Thomas Jerome Baker Author Page Thomas Jerome Baker 20 Question Author Interview: Thomas Jerome Baker Short Bio: I’m Thomas Jerome Baker, author, brother, uncle, husband, son-in-law, brother-in-law, cousin, father, son, and teacher. I have to say … Continue reading

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Daniel Tammet: Different Ways of Knowing (A Beautiful Mind)

Daniel Tammet has linguistic, numerical and visual synesthesia — meaning that his perception of words, numbers and colors are woven together into a new way of perceiving and understanding the world. The author of “Born on a Blue Day,” Tammet … Continue reading

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Mind The Gap

The most famous tube announcement of all time. This announcement is still being used on the northbound Northern line platform at Embankment station. The “stand clear of the closing doors” bit though is not used which is a pity.

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Conceive, Believe, Achieve #CCK11 #ELTchat

A teacher who is attempting to teach, without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn, is hammering on a cold iron. ~ Horace Mann I obtained the quote above from Saeed Mubarak, who is from Saudi Arabia. Saeed is … Continue reading

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