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Umbraphiles & the Solar Eclipse: Did You Miss It?

Amazon Author Page: Thomas Jerome Baker Thomas enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. Thus far, he has written the following genres: romance, historical fiction, autobiographical, sports history/biography, and English Language Teaching. He has published a total of forty … Continue reading

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#Edcamp Santiago: One day of life in Finland…”Not much different from one day of life in your country”

The newly published Statistical Yearbook of Finland 2011 describes precisely the society and its development in Finland. For example, the statistics in the Yearbook reveal that if all events of 2010 are evenly divided between the days of the year, … Continue reading

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#Edcamp Santiago: A Community of Practice as a Professional Development Model

Excerpt: http://bit.ly/rpphFR Experience Speaks: On Professional Development by Sandra Mercuri Ongoing Professional Development for English Language Teachers: A Six-Step Framework In 21st century schools, classroom teachers are faced with the challenge of providing all students, including students with different language … Continue reading

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Was Einstein a Scholar? He Was, Wasn’t He? (#CCK11)

Who is a digital scholar? What is digital scholarship? When a definition is elusive, more subjective in nature than objective, then my scholarship status is defined by you. You validate me. Don’t you? When I wrote those lines above, I … Continue reading

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