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My Story Is Your Story

╚► https://buff.ly/2FeYjsP Writing, writing and writing again, that is my story. The common thread that holds everything together is plain and simple: writing. Everything is nothing without writing. Writing is what makes it something for everyone. Yes, it is fair … Continue reading

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I Live In #Chile: #Book #Launch (#Lanzamiento de #Libro en Punta y Taco)

PUNTA Y TACO Location: Av. 21 de Mayo 3225, Lc. 92, 4030000 Concepción, Chile Hours: Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Contact Info: Phone: 09 7683 9111 Email: contactopuntaytaco@gmail.com Facebook Book Description Publication Date: August 17, 2013 I … Continue reading

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¡Viva Chile! Fiestas Patrias con Punta y Taco: I Live In Chile (Video)

“PUNTA Y TACO” agradece a sus distinguidos clientes por haber preferido nuestros productos, esperamos ir mejorando día a día y seguir sorprendiéndoles con futuras exposiciones de artesanías y artículos de calidad. Ademas de ser una empresa familiar, nuestra motivación es … Continue reading

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“I Live In Chile” Will Be Out In September to Celebrate Chile’s Independence Day! Have You Heard About “Punta y Taco”?

http://on.fb.me/11VrDfr My new book, “I Live In Chile” is almost ready! It is planned to be out in time to celebrate Chile’s Independence Day, the 18th of September, or as it is known here in Chile, “El Dieceocho”. I have … Continue reading

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