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Dale Carnegie: “The Purpose of Public Speaking”

“Your purpose is to make your audience see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt.” — http://t.co/KRS3Aejz6r — John Zimmer (@ZimmerJohn) June 5, 2013 I put the search term “public speaking” in to a google search … Continue reading

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A Sage on the Stage: What #EdcampSantiago Is Not

#EdcampSantiago is making progress. In less than a week’s time we’ve gone from an idea to a reality. We have a superb, fantastic, talented, edtech-savvy, social-media using, local organizing team in place, on the ground in Santiago. The team is … Continue reading

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When What You See Is What You Get: The Objectifying Gaze for Women & Men

Dr. Jan D. Yoder, editor of PSYCHOLOGY OF WOMEN QUARTERLY, discusses the article “The Consequences of the Objectifying Gaze for Women and Men” with lead author Sarah J. Gervais. The article won the 2011 Georgia Babladelis Best Paper Award. Women … Continue reading

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