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Aprendizaje Colaborativo Basado en Desafíos: El Centro Colaborativo de CORFO

Acceso abierto a la información, un espacio de encuentro y co-working. El Centro Colaborativo de CORFO se encuentra ubicado en el Edificio Institucional de CORFO, en calle Moneda 921, 2° piso, Santiago Centro. Inaugurado el 2010 y ubicado en el centro neurálgico … Continue reading

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The Model United Nations Simulation: 7 Tips To Better Your Performance

Simulations offer students an opportunity to learn from firsthand experience. This sort of experiential learning allows students to apply and test what they learn in their textbooks, and often helps to increase students’ understanding of the subtleties of theories or concepts and … Continue reading

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Duoc UC adelantándose a los tiempos integra en su proyecto y modelo educativo el proceso de enseñanza aprendizaje de los tiempos actuales, considerando los cambios que están sucediendo en la sociedad, la tecnología y los jóvenes. Es en nuestro modelo educativo, donde establecemos un compromiso con temas tan … Continue reading

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La entrevista en profundidad: Los métodos cualitativos

Hace algunos años me encontré en un texto de investigación cualitativa, el concepto de “entrevista en profundidad”. Al principio me sorprendió e imaginé que se trataba sólo de una forma elegante de llamar a las conversaciones intensas y de fondo, “entrevistas a profundidad”, … Continue reading

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Palabra Docente: Narrativas de profesores y profesoras del sistema escolar en el Chile actual

Conferencia: “Ser Profesor/a de Educación Básica: la palabra que nace en el aula”. from U. Academia Humanismo Cristiano on Vimeo. 25 de abril de 2019 La Escuela de Pedagogía en Educación Básica realizó la ceremonia de inicio de su año … Continue reading

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Have You Read A Good Book Today? Teaching English Language Learners Worldwide

╚► Family, friends and writing is my life story. The common thread that holds everything together is English Language Teaching. Everything is directly or indirectly related to English. Yes, it is fair to say that English is my life. … Continue reading

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#Chile: #Tornado Sweeps Through #LosAngeles: #ClimateChange

This Thursday night, a tornado swept through the northwest of Los Ángeles (Bío Bío region), a city in the south of Chile. It caused huge devastation, destroyed 22 homes and injured 16 people. Bío Bío governor, Sergio Giacaman, confirmed the … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Scottish Writer Kirsten Nairn

Kirsten Nairn has a secret. It’s so hush-hush that even her family and close friends don‘t know what it is. The only people she’s shared this secret with are her readers and me. Would you like to know what her … Continue reading

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Multi-Genre Author Thomas Jerome Baker (Interview by Scottish Author Kirsten Nairn)

Interview by Kirsten Nairn, Scottish author of the novel, A Sorry Affair. You can find out more about Kirsten and her work here: My Website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Goodreads, and Pinterest. 1. Thomas, what made you start writing? Kirsten, I … Continue reading

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I’m Nobody. Who Are You? Writing: Hobby or Profession?

Do you consider writing a hobby or a profession? This is a legitimate question for any author nowadays. Most likely, no two authors will ever answer this question in the same way. What I want to do is share my … Continue reading

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